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Friday, April 18, 2008


My Friend Zack pulled this original promo single out of a wall of records, neither of us the wiser until we put it on. Amazing sampling keyboard bee sounds and anthemic cheese synth hook line with with extremely childish and confused vocals ('like honey to a bee, yr love will stick to me'-I am not sure thats the exact relationship of honey and bees). People always ask me if this is Madonna, it could be, but its a little too far out for that, the production is a little too lo-fi (yes!) and the beat is a little too danceable. Here is a link I found to a DJ remix of it, probably better than the original though the original has all the charm of a teenage girl who only wears one earring.

T-T-Tina B.- Honey to a Bee

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thursdayborn said...

this track rages, i found this in a dusty bin somewhere in chicago a while back. arthur baker rules.