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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MEGA MIX

I have been busy for a while so I figured to make up for lost time I would put up some mp3 mixes.

This one was first called the "Super Berlin Mega-Mix" cause its totally heiƟ. There are a lot of hits on this one, not so many raritease, cause not everyone has a taste for the obscure. I give these mixes to prospective "clients" that somehow might not think the blog gives an accurate representation of my taste level and mixing skills (which it really doesn't). Some of these tracks are featured on the blog, the rest will be up here in the original (non-blended) format when I get a chance.

Track Listing::>

01. David Bowie- Sound and Vision
02. The Chiefs- Apache
03. Sweeney Todd- Roxy Roller
04. Althea and Donna- Uptown Top Ranking
05. Professor Morrison's Lollipop- You Got the Love
06. Shirley Ellis- The Clapping Song
07. Sparks- Wonder Girl
08. Ko Ko Taylor- Wang Dang Doodle
09. The Clash- London Calling
10. The Flying Lizards- TV
11. Love- Time is a River
12. Mandrill- Warning Blues
13. Dave and Ansil Collins- Double Barrel
14. The Honeymoon Killers- Histoire a Suivre
15. Gap- Sheriff
16. Nillson- Jump into the Fire
17. Soul Survivors- Hey Gyp
18. The Champs- Midnighter
19. Bow Wow Wow- Louis Quatorze
20. Laid Back- White Horse

Here is the .zip

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