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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Althea and Donna- UPTOWN TOP RANKING

I have noticed that many of my post involving ladies, esp ladies of color, have been deleted. I am not sure if the flagging gods have started to inflict their exacting (yet frivolous without explanation) censorship on my blog because I am offering up free mp3 downloads (of singles I purchased used and digitized that can no how supplant the original source tapes or official reissues) or because of some kind of musical misogyny. I almost hope for the latter as it could be some how mediated, but in attempt to add some balance back to the blog, I will put up some of the tracks again.

Like this cool cool classic from '77, of Althea and Donna singing over the Alton Ellis riddim "I'm Still in Love". John Peel originally brought this into chic-dom, gotta love him for that. This song is one of my clutch singles, I use it either to shift into the dance vibe or to apologize for something that didn't hit the floor running. This is the scene::> At least 1/3 of the girls will immediately hand their boyfriend their drink and then either attempt to pull him to the dance floor or make their way solo, knowing its a ladies number anyway. Its not really a booty track so there is more head swaying with arms up in the air than ass smackin. Here is a youtube of them gettin down on TV (love the glasses on Donna, or is that Althea?).

Althea and Donna- "Uptown Top Ranking"

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