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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Jaguars never had any huge hits, but perhaps were remarkable for being "integrated" back in the 50's, giving them good crossover appeal. This record follows the simple single formula of doo-wop dance track on one side and guitar-lead instrumental ballad on the other (of which I share witchoo). "Where the Lovers Go" has the timeless parked at lookout mountain neckin in the backseat of daddy's t-bird feel, which I just love. Ah, nostagia. The record I have is on Original Sound, but according to Global Dog Productions (one of the greatest resources for single enthusiasts of all kinds--with often near complete catalog lists of many different obscure and staple labels), it was on Faro records. This pic is with Hunter Hancock (famous L.A. DJ that is considered the first whitey to play R&B on the radio).

The Jaguars take you "Where Lovers Go"

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