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Friday, August 28, 2009


Samuel L. called, he wants his glare back. This Roland Z. remix kills mainly for the rise n fall sax slices and the minimal drum/tamborine feel that makes this feel like a Digable Planets track. "I siddung pon di wall, an watch him watch me": the war cry of the captured and plotting! Mutabaruka is a Jamaican dub poet that has been writing for 30+ years about Jamaican culture and its role in the Worldsphere. Here is a link to his website that has a lot more info, audio, and even a section called Muta Seh, where he gives his "reasoning on a variety of subjects affecting black people and society today". This song proves that not everything out of Jamaica is about feelin irie, sometimes its more about being irate.

Mutabaruka "Siddung Pon Di Wall (Roland Z Mix)"

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