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Friday, September 11, 2009

Clifton Chenier- FROG LEGS

Clifton Chenier is really the grandfather of Zydeco music (accordion and rub-board=all night dancing). He is a direct descendant of old New Orleans and the "Deep South". This track is the B-side of his soul crossover "Black Gal" on Bayou Records from the mid-50's. My copy is severly scratched but I think it lends to the sunset sittin on a porch eatin greasy frog legs atmosphere. With a rolling Creole shuck and Chenier's rip n' jive accordion solo, this song is perfect for throwing on between live acts or more appropriately to barbecue alligator meat on Sunday afternoon. Not much there, just a feel good track to start out the day.

Clifton Chenier "Frog Legs"

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