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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tony Terry- SHE'S FLY (DUB MIX)

There are a lot of these mid-80's Epic Records R&B dub mixes that accompany a pretty bland A-side radio mix, and I collect everyone I see because this was the first one I ever found, and of course the best. Its lucky I did not win big at scratch games when I was young or it would have been over for me. Unfortunately, I have never found anything else on Epic, Solar, Zomba, or Def Jam that even come close to the intricate latin breaks that Charlie "Dee" Diaz and Omar Santana put together for Tony Terry's first single (someone had something to prove, and it wasn't Mr. Terry--I mean look at the guy). This song will make any b-boy or girl dizzy, it's fast and off-kilter, but still has all of the mixing tricks and pre-digi sounds (think reverse-echo vox) that most dub mixes from this era play people off the dance floor with due to the cheese factor (sorry T'Pau). This song will either cause people to lose it on the dance floor or stand still in awe at how fucking deep it gets. File under sweat!

Tony Terry with "She's Fly (Dub Mix)"

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