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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I found this diggin through crates in a small store in Kreuzberg (Heisse Schieben) with my boy Shimmy from Awesome Tapes from Africa. It looks like this track has made it on many electro break comps due to its crazy breaks and kickin synths courtesy of Raul A. Rodriguez. Amazingly, Gil Scott Heron penned this track, but this mega-mix by James "the Mighty Chopper" Hamilton and featuring "The Smurf" hisself, Tyrone Brunson, gives us a taste of everything that was hot in '83:::> all the 808 sounds, the phased out drums and lazer sounds, the synth stabs and hand claps, etc. I know most people think its pretty lame to rock this on 45, but for a fetishist this is a fucking dream come true as many disco-electro hits never made it onto the little discs.

C.O.D. "In the Bottle (Special Mega-mix Incorporating The Smurf Tyrone Brunson)"

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