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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What could Spike Jones not do? Check out this video and others to get a idea of the virtuosic genius at work and play. His depth of cultural/musical knowledge and showmanship allowed him great satirical liberty in a generally conservative late 40's/early 50's America. This track, named after a 1920's dance "the Black Bottom," has the feel of a Woody Allen slapstick scene, featuring Spike on a wide array of instruments, from bike horns, bells, to the bones. At one point during the piano solo, the "record" starts to skip and he has to slam a door to get the pianist to keep going. This song is just too much fun!! Enjoy it, and please check out his breadth of work with deconstructionism (sorry to get all nerdy and pedantic, but I love this guy), as I think he couldn't help but de- and re-contextualize everything, even as it was happening.

Spike Jones and his City Slickers play "Black Bottom"

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