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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Soul Survivors- HEY GYP

This is the lesser known B-side to the huge 1967 Gamble & Huff crossover hit "Expressway to Your Heart," and is a cover of a Donovan song "Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)" (that while is as cute as one would expect, does not even get close to this version). These guys are still around, here is a link to their webpage. "Hey Gyp" is one of my favorite rollicking psych classics, amazing that its the b-side to the soulful and Phillie-fied "Expressway", though usually this side wins out in the DJ booth because its more fun. I love the guitar scronking, and the singing is just perfectly desperate and cool. If this song is not on a Nuggets boxset then someone is sleeping on the job. It has several freakout sections that sound like the zombies and marc bolan humping in the closet. Also the drum solo "heartbeat" section is just perfect, such soul for some whities from New York. I remember reading somewhere that they always wore sharksin suits on stage, I don't know what sharkskin feels like, but that's some big pimpin if you ask me, they sure don't dress like they usta.

The Soul Survivors "Hey Gyp"

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