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Friday, May 8, 2009

The League of Gentlemen- DISLOCATED

Talk about THE post-punk supergroup::>Robert Fripp of King Crimson fame on the guit, Sara Lee (Gang of Four, B52s) on bass, Barry Andrews (XTC and recently with Eno), and Johnny Toobad (cool name?) on skins. They were only around for about half a year, but made one of my fav EG/Polydor records ever. The flip side to this single is Frippertronics stuff that is equally amazing, but not fit to DJ unless playing the catatonic ward yr local asylum. This song's ferocity mounts and mounts until Fripp is unleashing a fury that is still somehow well contained by Lee's bass and the plodding drums. By far one of my best singles, it can be a bit abrasive in most DJ settings (either too loud or too rock--"but not the kind of rock I like"--one of the classic comments I associate with playing this side) with a lot of distorted high end gushing from Frippy and Andrews. Enjoy!!

The League of Gentlemen- "Dislocated"

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