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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fad Gadget- RICKY'S HAND

This is the second Fad Gadget single, and was never released on an LP. What I would give to have seen this guy live back in the day. I love the synth intro, it hits so hard, and seems like the song will be relentless, which it is. This is considered and industrial song (cause of the drill?), but to me its more like a pushier new wave track that misses the mark cause its just too annoying. I love the 808 timbale sounds in the break. This is a song to play people out of the bar, but sometimes it actually hits, then there is some guy who comes up and begs to hear PIL after or something. I can also imagine the theme used in a flight simulating video game, something like during the refueling inbetween levels. More info cause I don't have a lot of links to offer:::> Mute Records 006 and co-written, produced, and recorded with Daniel Miller (founder of Mute). Also, Fad Gadget was the first act signed to Mute, before Depeche Mode or even Throbbing Gristle.

Fad Gadget "Ricky's Hand"

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