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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Isao Tomita's combination of experimental electronics performing classical (as in old white dudes) masterworks may not strike everyone as new (he's not as flashy as the gender-bending W. Williams), but the artistry and complexity by which he develops these melodies is staggering. The tonal qualities and the effervescence might make you giggle a bit, but this shit sounds futuristic even now (though its an RCA promo from 1974). Arabesque No. 1 is one of Debussy's most memorable pieces, but you have never heard it like this before. I think the picture above gives you an idea of what's at play here. I never am able to do this, so here is a link to the sheet music, and also a solo piano version for all you theory heads out there.

Tomita "Arabesque No. 1"

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