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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This record, produced by Todd Rundgren for Bearsville Records in 1971, shows really how far this legendary glam pop group has come (Rundgren to Moroder to obscurity in the late 80's to a 21 night stint in London in 2008, playing one full album a night and debuting the newest). The Sparks brothers' (Ron and Russel Mael as seen above) goofy album titles (puns anyone?) and covers always caught my eye but it wasn't until I heard this track that I really fell in love with all of the ridiculous tongue-in-cheek pomposity that they espoused. "Wonder Girl" has this bowie-esque disco cowboy guitar line and what I like to call the "bleacher beat" (or what sounds like a reverby gymnasium full of high school basketball fans). But the piano line is what seals it, it sounds like something Rza would sample. That and the goofy lyrics make this a gem that I play almost every chance I can get.

Sparks- "Wonder Girl"

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