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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Damn they sexy!!! This one back by request, but here is a link to (where I got the pic) a bootyclub remix that is also pretty hot. You can read more about the ladies here, but this has to be one of the most original yet imitated songs and sounds of miami bass movement. Listen to it loud, not on yr computer speakers, and feel that sub bass. This kills any party, gets the ladies bouncin and shakin, the only problem being they might ask you to play it again.

L'Trimm and "Cars that Go Boom"

The Tidal Waves- BIG BOY PETE

This is a pretty classic psychedelic cover of the ever-romping Big Boy Pete. I had no idea these guys looked so fuckin goofy. I couldn't find out much about them except that they opened for Sam the Sham. The Olympics had a mild hit with the song, before it was reworked by the kingsmen into "Jolly Green Giant." It seems like the kingsmen's sound was prolly more the inspiration for this version, with ramped up guitars and oversung vocals, but also the Grateful Dead covered this a lot in the early garage days. It's a perfect fit for any garage/retro night, esp coupled with Mitch Ryder or even something by Junior Parker, due to the shouting storytelling or barroom drunken delivery. But, like any good song, it has a moral: don't be flashin or packin unless you can take the action.

The Tidal Waves with "Big Boy Pete"

Clarence Fountain- CONFUSING TIMES

Mr. Fountain was an original member of the Blind Boys of Alabama. He went solo cause he knew his shit was hot, and this soulful gospel ballad on jewel from 1965 (before he left the band) demonstrates his ability to crossover into a more mainstream feel. This song captures the mood of these confusing times and while it doesn't make you wanna holler, you will def sit back and let them tears well up inside. He doesn't offer hope, he is just tellin it like it is, was and always will. I will post some other gospel gems and jewels, but here is another one by him from a little later I found on another blog.

Clarence Fountain sings "Confusing Times"


I can't find out anything about this band, or this track (I was lucky enough to find someone selling it on ebay for the pic). The song's not an obvious hit but it has a really hard funk edge to it: punchy horns, shotgun meets p-funk bass and guitar lines, pre-cameo vocals with a bit of humor, all over a strut 2-step disco beat. Its a hard hit on the dance floor, better than some other pushy strut/hustle songs, because somehow the idea of a sassy lassy with well equiped hips flows straight into the mix. Its a good transition to more rocky funk, or even to faster electro funk, going out of the souldrums into the coked-up fantasy dancing.

Wet Bull is "Struttin"

Eartha Kitt- SHO-JO-JI

This song skirts between kinderlied and completely racist. SHO-JO-JI is a hungry raccoon who loves macaroons, jellybeans and pink spumoni, don't we all. I go crazy for the swingin Spike Jones-esque horn line and the "Chinese" soprano voice mixed with the "Chinese" pentatonic strings. But like everything Eartha touches, it has extreme self-awareness and sexuality that lets you know she's nobody's fool, and if she is, it's cause mama needs a new fur coat.

Eartha Kitt and "Sho-Jo-Ji"