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Saturday, July 16, 2011

MUGGLESTONE HI-FI Sum of 11 vol. 3

This last mix is probably my fav of the bunch because it played itself. I picked up a few Sega records from Mauritus (islands of Madagascar where the rich French come to sun) that blew my mind and sowed them with some dust that I found at Backtrack Records in Lincoln when I was there to see my cousin wed in the local Masonic Temple. This is the mid-summer mid-afternoon cool drink to begin the day (whether its a can o beer, a vodka tonic, or a caipirinha). Please enjoy!

Track Listing::>

01. Franki Valli- I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
02. Sanford Clark- The Fool
03. Booker T & the MGs- Aw, Mercy
04. Etta James- Something's Got a Hold on Me
05. Lonnie Donnegan- Lost John
06. Dave York- Beach Party
07. Roger Clency and Marie Josee- Famille Coutou
08. Bobby Gregg and Friends- The Jam Pt. 2
09. Mable John- Able Mable
10. Lee Hazlewood- Don't Cry
11. Jack McDuff- The Vibrator
12. Unknown Japanese Singer- Inochi Blues
13. The Muppets- Ma-Na-Ma-Na
14. Gerard Cimiotti e Son Ensemble- 40 Mozart
15. Lord Buckingham's XI- Fried Onions
16. Dossie "Thunderbird" Terry- Skinny Ginny
17. Naughty Abbie- Ala Moana Annie
18. Gerard Cimiotti- Sega Dans Camp Creole
19. Paul Evans- Happy Go Lucky Me
20. Marlene Dietrich- Lili Marlene

Here is the .zip

MUGGLESTONE HI-FI Sum of 11 vol. 2

This mix started as a tribute to all the songs that are a bit too "anthemic" for their own good, even though when taken in doses can make or break a nostalgia fueled dance party. But it turned out to be a collection of cool dad i-pod playlist material. I tried to sneak some ladies up in here to provide a little balance, but for the most part you can tailgate this one anywhere.

Track Listing::>

01. Can- Vitamin C
02. Mc5- Kick Out the Jams
03. Joy Division- Transmission
04. Blondie- One Way or Another
05. Iggy Pop- Lust for Life
06. Nina Hagen- African Reggae
07. The Dead Kennedys- Holiday in Cambodia
08. The Sweet- Blockbuster
09. FehlFarben- Es Geht Voran
10. Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit
11. Led Zepplin- D'yer Maker
12. The Velvet Underground- Femme Fatale
13. Metallica- Creeping Death
14. Frank Zappa- Stick it Out
15. Guns N' Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
16. David Bowie/Queen- Under Pressure
17. Neil Young- Walk On
18. the Smiths- Big Mouth Strikes Again
19. The Pop Group- We are All Prostitutes
20. Negativland- I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For (Special Edit Radio Mix)

Here is the .zip

Friday, July 15, 2011

MUGGLESTONE HI-FI Sum of 11 vol. 1

When in doubt (and I mean self-doubt), overcompensate. That's what the country preacher has to say about it. So here you get not 1, not 2, but rather 3 new mixes to mow the lawn to. For this first volume I didn't really want to break any rules of the game for the summer of 2011, just showcase some of the finest southern funk and proto-rock classics. Doesn't that sound nice? There are plenty of classix as well as the elusive rare groove or two to keep the pop police at bay, and of course some nice whitey go black blues rock that we've grown to love.

Track Listing::>

01. The Meters- Hand Clapping Song
02. Sandy Nelson- Drum Stomp
03. Jo Ann & Troy- Who Do You Love?
04. The Animals- Boom Boom
05. The Twistin' Kings- Congo Pt. 1
06. Chuck Berry- Hey Pedro
07. Eddie Bo- Hook n Sling Pt. 2
08. The Novas- The Crusher
09. The Who- Dogs Pt. 2
10. The Fantastic Epics- Fun and Funk Pt. 3
11. Caetano Veloso- Não Identificado
12. The Shadows- Apache
13. Hugh Masekela- Riot
14. Mickey and the Soul Generation- Iron Leg
15. The Blackbyrds- Do it, Fluid
16. The Byrds- Leavin' Here
17. Them- Mystic Eyes
18. The Rolling Stones- Not Fade Away
19. Benny Spellman- Fortune Teller
20. Bert Weedon- Bert's Boogie

Here is the .zip