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All mixes are cut into individual tracks that have id3 tags. You just download the .zip file and drag the tracks into iTunes and they will play as a mix or separately.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mugglestone Hi-Fi- FREE TIME

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, but I don't dare challenge what the record gods allow to cross my path.  So if you have bigger ears than balls, this one might get it right.  I think of this mix as the quietly wild and often forgotten middle daughter of a family with 3 precocious but well-intentioned girls.  (But that still might not justify 2 Kraftwerk songs on 1 mix--when you get there, you'll understand)

Track Listing::>

01. Afrika Bambaata/ James Brown- Unity Pt. 2
02. Kraftwerk- Trans Europa Express
03. Perez Prado- St. Louis Blues Mambo
04. Metric Jazz National- Odero Koduko
05. Cabaret Voltaire- Jazz The Glass
06. Gudrun Gut- Move Me
07. Jean Claude Vannier- Evelyne
08. Hugues Aufray- La Fille du Nord
09. Bob Dylan- Bye and Bye
10. Jad Fair- Cape Fear
11. Art Bears- Rats and Monkeys
12. Bobby Conn- Me Most of All
13. Combustible Edison- Short Double Latte
14. Tangerine Dream- Das Mädchen auf der Treppe
15. Tarwater- Heide Noel
16. Lata Mangeshkar- Bandhua Keno Gelo Parabase
17. Frank Zappa- Catholic Girls
18. Thai Instrumental Dance- Unknown
19. The Beatles- Flying
20. Kraftwerk- Mitternacht

Here is the .zip


It's Summer, keep your eyes open for pick-pockets and confidence men!

Track Listing::>

01. Curtis Mayfield- Underground
02. Sweetwater- Crystal Spider
03. Randy Carlos- Monkey Guapacha
04. Blind Blake- Run Joe
05. Don Drummond- Chinatown
06. Sam Cooke- Little Red Rooster
07. Bill Doggett- Slow Walk
08. Donna Summer- Love to Love You Baby
09. The Nite-Liters- Afro Strut
10. Art Tatum- Get Happy
11. The Ugly Ducklings- Just in Case You Wonder
12. Monchito- Invitation to Merengue
13. The Coconuts- If I Only Had a Brain
14. Bill Wemberley- Missouri Drag
15. The Jordanaires- Roll on Jordan
16. The South Side Coalition- Get Off Your Seats and Jam (Disco Version)
17. Jose Curbelo- The Hissing Cha Cha
18. Hank Williams- Angel of Death
19. Kingsley- Hambro
20. K.C. & The Sunshine Band- Get Down Tonight

Here is the .zip

Sunday, March 16, 2014



Oum Kalsoum is no doubt the Queen of Egyptian singers and changed the face of Arabic culture and politics.  I cannot begin to describe the power, elegance and beauty with which she brings to life the famous poetry of the Arabic canon.  To get an idea of her prowess and majesty here are a couple of videos::>

I finally found my first and favorite piece of hers on double 7", Beid Annak, though not in the version I recognize.  At the Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques they had many of her discs, and I bought as many as I could.  Included here is::>

Beid Annak Pts. 1-4
Anta El Hob Pts. 1-4
Touf Ou Chouf Pts. 1-2

Here is the .zip


Although from Lebanon, Sabah made her mark in Egypt as a singer and actress.  Her career has spanned 5 decades and she has been the subject of several scandals due to her many marriages and possible affairs.  Many consider her to be the Nancy Sinatra of the Arab world due to her bubbly demeanor yet tremendous melancholy, and of course the iconic blonde hair.  Included here are 2 records::>

Habibat Oummaha Pts. 1-2
Hiloua Ou Taiba Pts. 1-2
Demmou Khafif Pts. 1-2
Bini Ou Binek Thar Pts. 1-2

Here is the .zip


Fairouz, the "Jewel of Lebanon", made a splash on the international stage and in the 70's was a household name for many Arab-Americans and Europeans.  Her success was a bit stinted by the Lebanese Civil War, but at age 78 she still continues to perform.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get more than 1 record, which I have included here: "Mahrajane El Kamh"/"Saoufa Ahya".

Here is the .zip


With a little help from fellow crate diggers and wax poets I obtained some amazing artifacts while cruising around Casablanca.  The very famous Disques Gam and Le Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques provided me with some truly unforgettable tracks that speak to the diversity of Moroccan music and culture.  From the hauntingly psychedelic organ of Abdou El Omari to the Berber Rwais music (see the extended listening for more) to the almost 7 minute long twist song of Abdelwahab Doukkali and the "Moroccan Rolling Stones" Jil Jilali, this mix is a musical journey that will leave you wanting more.  So, I have made a massive "Extended Listening" section for people that want to dig a little deeper.  

Track Listing::>

01. Abdou El Omari- Fatine
02. Jil Jilala- Rifia
03. Hawa Hadaoua- Yami Yami
04. Abdelhadi Belkyat- El Kamr El Ahmar Pt. 1
05. Abdelwahab Doukkali- Twist Iway T'koussi Chaarek Twist
06. Hamid Zahir- Bara
07. Nass El Ghiwane- Mezzine M'dihek
08. Cheikh Rouicha Mohamed- Taazhat Ghouri
09. Unknown- Disques Gam 103
10. Haj M. B. Yahia Outznaght- Al Mahchar
11. Abdou El Omari- Layali Saif
12. Unknown- Izenkade
13. Unknown- Awad Aït Zaltane Pt. 2
14. Jil Jilala- Al Kouds

Here is the .zip



I picked up a lot of records that from what I can determine is called Rwais music, mainly played on the Rebab (the fiddle seen above).  Here is a great article explaining the significance of this genre.  I tried to name the tracks as accurately as possible but most of the records are exclusively in Arabic.  

Track Listing::>

01. R. H. Elmahdi Ben M'Bark- Part 1
02. R. H. Elmahdi Ben M'Bark- Part 2
03. R. Haj Omar Wahrouch- Part 1
04. R. Haj Omar Wahrouch- Part 2
05. Rais Hmad Amentag- Imik Aiga Dhab Pt 1
06. Rais Hmad Amentag- Imik Aiga Dhab Pt 2
07. Rais Md Damsiri- Assif Nait Hadi
08. Rais Md Damsiri- Ikalm Dalkoursi
09. Rais Mohamed Baamrani- Roihait Azine Anmoune
10. Rais Mohamed Baamrani- Zaid Aouddi Chour

Here is he .zip

ABDELHADI BELKYAT- El Kamar El Ahmar Pts. 1-4

Abdelhadi Belkyat is a Moroccan singer and actor.  I included part 1 of this 2-record set in the Moroccan Tourism Guide, but thought all of it is amazing and worth uploading.  The lush orchestration seems very influenced by the Egyptian Sono Cairo, but his voice is unique and unforgettable.  

Here is the .zip


I included the first record (Fatine/Layali Saif) on the Tourism Guide, but the second record is just as striking.  His psychedelic organ boogaloo sound cannot really be compared with anything I have heard before.  Both records are on Disques Gam.  A lot of people have posted a track of his hear and thar, but I thought it nice to give a neat little .zip of all 4 tracks I could find...

Here is the .zip

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MASS MUSCLE

Colonialism is a bitch...

Track Listing::>

01. Country Joe & the Fish- Fish Cheer and I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag
02. Rumplestiltskin- Rumplestiltskin
03. Lemma G. Hiwot- Hay Loga
04. Tyrannosaurus Rex- Debora
05. Dr. Alimentado- Mary Lou
06. Chilo Martinez- A La Cumbia Cumbia
07. Hugh Masekela- Don't Go Lose it Baby (Dub)
08. Eduardo Vianello- Tremarella
09. Masai Youths- Unknown Song
10. Necati Caliskan- Hayat Denen Ruya
11. Aphrodite's Child- Funky Mary
12. Gainsbourg- Aux Armes Et Caetera
13. Alexandra Shamber Boys- Dintho
14. Drums of Sri Lanka- Ceremonial Drums
15. Saop- Version
16. The Nation of Ulysses- Sound of Young America
17. Seduction- True Love (Underground Bonus Beats)
18. Joao Gilberto- Voce E Eu
19. Asmahan- Aleik Salat Illah
20. En Vogue- My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)

Here is the .zip

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MY GUITAR

More songs about drinkin, killin, and of course man's best friend, his guitar.  On top of some of my most beloved classicks, I put "Springfield Guitar Social" and Phil Baugh's "Country Guitar 1 and 2", which are kind of a tribute to/medley of legendary guitar sounds and players from bygone eras.  For an in depth history of this "Country Guitar Blowout" sub-genre visit WFMU's amazing blog.  If yr wondering where all the women are at, they knew better than to stick around this deedley-deedley-doo pour me (another) party.

Track Listing::>

01. Phil Baugh- Country Guitar
02. Tennessee Ernie Ford- Mule Train
03. Tex Ritter- Rye Whiskey
04. Porter Wagoner- The Cold Hard Facts of Life
05. Ted Daffan- Born to Lose
06. Dick Curless- A Tombstone Every Mile
07. The Osborne Bros.- Hey Hey Bartender
08. Onie Wheeler- When We All Get There
09. Merle Travis- Gambler's Guitar
10. Tex Williams- Roses and Revolvers
11. T. Texas Tyler- Remember Me
12. Jenks "Tex" Carman- Indian Polka
13. Bill Wemberly/Thumbs Carllile- Springfield Guitar Social
14. Carl Smith- Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
15. The Drifting Cowboys- Mud Hut
16. Faron Young- Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
17. Robert Mitchum- The Ballad of Thunder Road
18. Lest Flatt & Earl Scruggs- Doin' My Time
19. Ernest Tubb- Pass the Booze
20. Phil Baugh- Country Guitar II

here is the .zip

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mugglestone Hi-Fi COO DE GRAS

I don't wanna talk about it.  It was gonna be a "swimmin hole" type of mix, but all these characters kept showin up.

Track Listing::>

01. Canned Heat- On the Road Again
02. The Animals- It's My Life
03. The Kinks- Sunny Afternoon
04. The Spinners- Message from a Black Man
05. The Shangri-las- Sophisticated Boom Boom
06. Hermanas Navarro- Ron y Coca Cola
07. The Noblemen- Dragon Walk
08. Le Roy Broussard- B. O. Sparkle Blues
09. Solex- Solex All Licketysplit
10. The First Edition- Just Dropped In
11. The Moonrakers- Baby Please Don't Go
12. A Sunshine Fix- Beaconary Word
13. Bob Dylan- Baby Please Don't Go
14. Roy Acuff- Freight Train Blues
15. The Last Poets- Black Thighs
16. The Ikettes- Peaches and Cream
17. Reno and Smiley- Dill Pickles
18. Irma Serrano- El Riky Riky
19. Clarence Fountain- Peace in the Valley Pt. 2
20. Free- All Right Now

here is the .zip

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mugglestone Hi-Fi IL JAZZ

I am a jazz nerd, so I went a little overboard on this one and even included all of the personnel and recording dates for each track, because this mix is somehow a tribute to the sidemen.  This is not my comment on which movements in jazz were more valuable than others (for example there is no Louis Armstrong on here, and he was my hero since I was a tee baller), nor is it a beginner's guide, but if you are one of those "haters", this is yr chance to come over to the dark side.

Track Listing::>

01. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers- A Night in Tunisia Pts. 1 & 2
Recorded August 7th, 1960
Lee Morgan- trumpet, Wayne Shorter- tenor sax, Bobby Timmons- piano, Jymie Merritt- bass, Art Blakey- drums
02. Ornette Coleman- Una Muy Bonita Pts. 1 & 2
Recorded October 8th, 1959
Ornette Coleman- alto sax, Don Cherry- pocket trumpet, Charlie Haden- bass, Billy Higgins- drums
03. Bud Powell- Epistrophy
Recorded January 15th, 1945
Bud Powell- piano, Percy Heath- bass, Kenny Clarke- drums
04. Miles Davis- Budo
Recorded January 21st, 1949
Miles Davis- trumpet, Kai Winding- trombone, Lee Konitz- alto sax, Gerry Mulligan- baritone sax, Junior Collins- french horn, Bill Barber- tuba, Al Haig- piano, Joe Shulman- bass, Max Roach- drums
05. Django Reinhardt- Rose Room
Recorded May 29th, 1937
Django Reinhardt- guitar, Stéphane Grappelli- violin, Pierre Baro Ferret- guitar, Marcel Bianchi- guitar, Louis Vola- bass
06. Rex Stewart and The Ellingtonians- Menelik (The Lion of Judah)
Recorded July 3rd, 1941
Rex Stewart- trumpet, Lawrence Brown- trombone, Ben Webster- tenor sax, Harry Carney- baritone sax, Duke Ellington- piano, Jimmy Blanton- bass, Sonny Greer- drums
07. Charles Mingus- Weird Nightmare
Recorded May 25th, 1960
Ted Curson- trumpet, Jimmy Knepper- trombone, Eric Dolphy- alto sax, bass clarinet, flute, Booker Ervin- tenor sax, Joe Farrell- tenor sax, Yusef Lateef- tenor sax, flute, Paul Bley- piano, Charles Mingus- bass, Dannie Richmond- drums, Lorraine Cousins- vocals
08. James Blood Ulmer- Night Lover
Recorded in 1981
James Blood Ulmer- guitar, Amin Ali- bass, G. Calvin Weston- drums
09. Thelonious Monk- Well You Needn't Pts. 1 & 2
Recorded June 26th, 1957
Ray Copeland- trumpet, Gigi Gryce- alto sax, Coleman Hawkins- tenor sax, John Coltrane- tenor sax, Thelonious Monk- piano, Wilbur Ware- bass, Art Blakey- drums
10. John Coltrane- Blue Train Pts. 1 & 2
Recorded September 15th, 1957
John Coltrane- tenor sax, Lee morgan- trumpet, Curtis Fuller- trombone, Kenny Drew- piano, Paul Chambers- bass, Philly Joe Jones- drums
11. Lee Konitz/Lennie Tristano- Subconscious-Lee
Recorded in 1949
Lee Konitz- alto sax, Warne Marsch- tenor sax, Lennie Tristano- piano, Billy Bauer- guitar, Arnold Fishkin- bass, Shelley Manne- drums
12. Arthur Blythe- Illusions
Recorded April/May 1980
Arthus Blythe- alto sax, Abdul Wadud- cello, Bob Stewart- tuba, John Hicks- piano, James Blood Ulmer- guitar, Fred Hopkins- bass, Bobby Battle- drums
13. Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Once in a While
Recorded January 13th, 1965
Rahsaan Roland Kirk- alto sax, manzello, stritch, flute, Jaki Byard- piano, Richard Davis- bass, Elvin Jones- drums
14. The All-Stars featuring Slam Stewart- The Man I Love Pt. 2
info unknown
Slam Stewart- bass
15. Max Roach-Conversation
Recorded October 27, 1962
Booker Little- trumpet, Ray Draper- tuba, George Coleman- tenor saxophone, Art Davis- bass, Max Roach- drums
16. Lester Young- Lester Leaps In
Recorded September 5th, 1939
Lester Young- tenor sax, Buck Clayton- trumpet, Dicky Wells- trombone, Count Basie- piano, Freddie Green- guitar, Walter Page- bass, Papa Jo Jones- drums.
17. Lionel Hampton- Chasin' With Chase
Recorded April 8th, 1941
Karl George- trumpet, Marshal Royal- clarinet, Sir Charles Thompson- piano, Ray Perry- alto sax, Irving Ashby- guitar, Vernon Alley, bass, Lionel Hampton- drums
18. Duke Ellington- Creole Rhapsody Pt. 1
Recorded June 11th, 1931
Arthur Whetsel, Cootie Williams, Freddie Jenkins- trumpet; Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol- trombone; Barney Bigard- clarinet; Johnny Hodges- alto sax; Harry Carney- baritone sax; Duke Ellington- piano; Fred Guy- banjo; Wellman Braud- bass; Sonny Greer- drums
19. Art Tatum- Out of Nowhere
Recorded in 1952
Art  Tatum- piano, Everett Barksdale- guitar, Slam Stewart- bass
20. Charlie Parker- Au Privave
January 15th, 1951
Miles Davis- trumpet, Charlie Parker- alto saxophone, Walter Bishop Jr.- piano, Teddy Kotick- bass, Max Roach- drums

Here is the .zip

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mugglestone Hi-Fi LEASE ON LIFE MIX

A while back a friend let me borrow her copy of Barbara's first LP, she is from Nantes, and told me the heart-wrenching story of the song (see track 8).  I fell in love immediately with her honest and powerful voice, and listened to the record on repeat for months.  When at Record Palace in Amsterdam I finally found the single, as well as the North African records on the mix and the Leonard Cohen, which I never believed to be on single, but thanks to the Altman movie "McCabe & Mrs. Miller", CBS Holland decided to make a French version of the single (?).  The rest...well I could go on, but you better just get into it--though I have to say thanks to Light In The Attic for all of the amazing Lee Hazlewood reissues!

Track Listing::>

01. Muir Mathiason- Vertigo Prelude
02. Leonard Cohen- The Stranger Song
03. Captain Beefheart- Abba Zaba
04. Louis Armstrong- Go Down Moses
05. Hoda Sultan- Leih Shaghelni
06. Sonny Terry & Guitar Slim- Saturday Evening
07. The Human League- Being Boiled
08. Barbara- Nantes
09. The Woodchucks- Angry Generation
10. Adriano Celentano- Prisencolinensinainciusol
11. Birth Control- Gamma Ray Part 2
12. The Kinks- A Well Respected Man
13. Muddy Waters- Honey Bee
14. Mazouni- Tu N'est Plus Comme Avant
15. Jane Birkin- Ex-Fan Des Sixties
16. The Soft Boys- Vegetable Man
17. Ennio Morricone- Mercenario
18. Jerry Reed- East Bound And Down
19. El Bar Amar- Hallekni Tarras
20. The Walker Brothers- Lines

Here is the .zip

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi COMFORT FOOD...FAST

Here is a little sumthin' to smooth the soul after the barrage of family fodder (friendly fire).  Or, if you prefer: a pre-party prep mix.  But remember no heels on ladders, and tables are made for dancin- 1 at a time, y'all.  This mix was getting a bit too cute and clean around the edges so thank god for Norton Records, who are still suffering from the torments of Hurricane Sandy.  Go to their site and see what you can do to help...

Track Listing::>

01. Jesse Hill- Ooh Poo Pah Doo Pt. 1
02. Jimmy Soul- If You Wanna Be Happy
03. Buddy Holly- Rave On
04. Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters- Money Honey
05. Otis and Carla- Tramp
06. Les Cooper and His Soul Rockers- Wiggle Wobble
07. Lavern Baker- Bumble Bee
08. Sandy Nelson- Quite a Beat
09. Jon Thomas- Buffalo Blues
10. Junior Parker- Next Time You See Me
11. Roy Milton- Succotash
12. Little Willie John- Spasms
13. Jay McNeely and Little Sonny Walker- Psycho Serenade
14. The Vibrations- The Junkernoo
15. Dr. Ross- Juke Box Boogie
16. Esquerita- Rockin' The Joint
17. T. Valentine- Little Lu Lu Frog
18. Ike and Tina Turner- It's Gonna Work Out Fine
19. The Rhythm Tones- Wobble Wickie
20. Jimmy Reed- Hush Hush

Here is the .zip

Friday, December 21, 2012


When the time comes, don't be afraid, to let go, or hold on, let your intention become intuition and yr aspiration take the form of patience.  This will not be easy, nor should it be, but the pain of displacement can never be as bitter as the pain of separation.  The final stage comes in waves, the pulsing titration, may it carry you forth from yr earthly grave.

Track Listing::>

01. The Brooklyn All-Stars- Let's Rap
02. Thee Headcoatees- Santa Claus
03. Trace Family Trio- I've Got a Longing to Go
04. Pig Bag- Papa's Got a Brand New Pig Bag
05. Ram Jam- Black Betty
06. The Staple Singers- Will the Circle Be Unbroken
07. Barbara- Sans Bagages
08. The Stinky Puffs- How to Make a Car
09. Jah Stone Ellect of Elders- Wah Go Home
10. The Velvet Underground- Jesus
11. Deke Dickerson- T.J. Tuck & Roll
12. Serge Gainsbourg- Comic Strip
13. Dean Martin- Memories Are Made of This
14. Sonny Rollins- St. Thomas Part 1
15. Malcolm McLaren- Buffalo Gals
16. Leon Jackson & Johnny Bryant- Buttahachee
17. Young Marble Giants- Cake Walking
18. The Soul Stirrers feat. Sam Cooke- I'm So Glad
19. Brise Glace- Dei Aus Licht
20. Echo & the Bunnymen- Killing Moon (extended version)

Here is the .zip

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi ANDES MIX

Here is a nice BBC documentary on the Andes::>

I especially love the part (around 24:00 minutes in) when the penguins have to cross the beach full of sleeping seals to get to their eggs on the steep cliffs above.  The lazy seals yelp and whine as the penguins cautiously step on their tails.

Track Listing::>

01. Jerry Butler- Only the Strong Survive
02. Parliament- Little Ole Country Boy
03. The Bar-Kays- Shake Your Rump To The Funk
04. Zapp- More Bounce To The Ounce Pt. 2
05. Cameo- Shake Your Pants
06. E.U.- Da Butt '89
07. New Choice- Pinky's Cold Stupid Party
08. Finesse and Synquis- Bass Game
09. N.W.A.- Gangsta Gangsta (Clean Edit)
10. Mad Cobra- Freaky Type
11. Tony Terry- She's Fly (Dub Edit)
12. Herbie Hancock- Mega-mix
13. Spoonie Gee- The Big Beat
14. Eric B. & Rakim- I Know You Got Soul
15. Big Daddy Kane- Warm It Up Kane
16. Tyrone Bronson- The Smurf
17. Shotgun- Mutha Funk
18. Poison- Let Me Lay My Funk On You
19. Wet Bull- Struttin'
20. Evolution Control Committee- Rocked By Rape

Here is the .zip

Saturday, October 13, 2012

mugglestone hi-fi 2 KOOL 4 SKOOL

The sad thing here is that this is what I thought was 2 kool when I was a lost (read left alone watching Wings reruns) puppy with long hair scraggling out of a dirty quilted African skull cap extolling the virtues of Ween Zappa and Free Jazz while weeping over the death of Jerry Garcia.  Needless to say, these were desperate and confusing times.  Luckily, I had a couple hip friends and cousin to hold my hand through this petulant time lapsed reason.

Track Listing::>

01. Jon Spenser Blues Explosion- Bellbottoms
02. Otis Redding- Hard to Handle
03. Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier- La Horse (Bande Originale)
04. Suicide- Cheree
05. Gloria Jones- Tainted Love
06. The Pixies- Monkey Gone to Heaven
07. Bob McFadden and Dor- The Beat Generation
08. The Continental Co-ets- Let's Live for the Present
09. Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers- Abdul & Cleopatra
10. Bo Diddley- You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
11. Get Hustle- Who Do You Love
12. The J.B.'s- This is The J.B.'s Part 2
13. The Stooges- 1969
14. The Beatles- Don't Let Me Down
15. Marc Bolan- Teenage Dream
16. Modest Mouse- Medication
17. The Starlite Desperation- Our Product
18. T. Texas Tyler- He Done Her Wrong
19. Sonic Youth- Silver Rocket (Take 6)
20. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians- Heaven

Here is the .zip

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Jojk is a Lappish (Sami) vocal style mainly associated with the Nåid, or local magicians/shamans.  They used these chants to become connected with nature and go into ecstasy or trance.  During the Christianization of the Far North, these Shamans and heathen practitioners were often put to violent deaths, and the use of the drum has since been forbidden.  But of course the Jojk lives on.  This rare artifact from the Jokkmokks Museum in Sweden from 1966, gives an amazing glimpse into the different styles and the individual meanings of the songs.

Here is a link to a .pdf of the liner notes included with the record.  It gives bios of the singers, as well as translations of the texts.

Track Listing::>

01. Ultevis in Spring
02. Ultevis in Autumn
03. Ramsos Bank (Ramso's Bank)
04. Jåhtelis Manno (The Swift Journey)
05. Kita-Jåtos (Spring Removal)

06. Räino-Puoltan (The Reindeer Herding Slope)

07. Sarek
08. Nils Larsson Tuorda
09. Petter Anu Spik

10. Jiekngaffo
11. Vallesnijpa
12. Piegga (The Mountain Wind)
13. Piegga-Njunnje (The Windnose)
14. Skaite-Janna (The Jojk of Janne Larsson)
15. Hierke (The Reindeer Ox)
16. Miesse (The Reindeer Calf)
17. Sloabme-Njunnje (The Elk)

Here is the .zip

Mugglestone Hi-Fi BACK 2 SCHOOL VOL. 2: KAYO MOODS

I recently was at this record store in Monterey, CA, where the guy had a slew of overpriced 70's/80's singles that I spent an hour hunched on the floor picking through.  Just to give you an idea, he had a broken Fraggle Rock theme song picture sleeve that he was selling for 6 bucks, I told him the record was broken and he said it was 6 bucks "just for the sleeve".  As I was leaving with nothing for my labor, he dismissively pointed to the corner under the overstock and said I had missed a box--but its all crap, so a quarter each or 5 for a buck.  Here I found about 20 amazing Japanese records from the 50's and 60's, all exclusively in Japanese and most without a sleeve (here I also found another copy of the Fraggle Rock record, in M- condition but without the sleeve).

I can't find out much about this beautiful genre of post-war jazzy/pop songs except a wiki page with some information about a genre that seems to fit called Kayokyoku.  It gives a little insight into the genre that would later become the basic for Japanese Mod/Go-Go records (a la the Spiders) and even J-Pop.  I also found some forums for what they are calling "J-Pop Oldies" or Enka music, but I still am having a hard time getting the artists or titles for the songs.  Most of the records are on King or Columbia, so mostly all I have are the record numbers. Nonetheless, I decided to put it up here for you, with the hopes that maybe someone can help me shed some light on this beautiful piece of history.

So, get some shitty supermarket sake, heat it up in the microwave, and ENJOY!

(Due to the lack of info there is no real tracklisting, but all the record label info/titles are in the name of the song)

Here is the .zip

Sunday, September 2, 2012


You don't have to tell me kids, the mid-summer boredom has now turned into an embittered self-inflicted nostalgia.  But to brighten the burden and smear on the cathedral windows or stick under the table at yr favorite pizza parlor, hear are some "dusted to perfection" Continental Classix.  For you under-priviledged, this can be yr semester abroad, you can be spit on in any language.  For you underwhelmed and achieved, bolster your e-culture rating with some not-so-other-worldly tunes, we've been to Africa and back, forgery is now the greatest flattery, and now more authentic than ever!

Track Listing::>

01. Paquito Vargas- Tomillo Y Romero
02. Lecuona Cuban Boys- Coubanakan
03. Jacques Brel- Le Play Pays
04. Maria Dolores Pradera- Paloma Dejame Ir
05. Gilbert Becaud- Plein Soleil
06. Alberto Lupo- Io Ti Amo
07. Georges Brassens- Chanson Pour L'Auvergnat
08. Jorge Fontes- Rosa Enjeitada
09. Comedian Harmonists- Perpetuum Mobile
10. Adriano Celentano- Chi Non Lavora Non Fa l'Amore
11. Alain Barriere- Ma Vie
12. Miguel Aceves Mejia- Cuatro Caminos
13. Kenneth Spencer- Geisterreiter
14. Perez Prado- Voodoo Suite Part 1
15. Hrnos Mino Naranjo- Mi Longuita
16. Hughes Aufray- Celine
17. Nina de la Puebla- Cien Años Lejo De Ti
18. Mani Matter- Ds Lied Vo De Bahnhof
19. Yma Sumac- Llulla Makta
20. Bertolt Brecht- Moritat (1929 Recording)

Here is the .zip


This is the first EP from Swiss German singer/songwriter Mani Matter, from 1966.  As heard in "Ds Lied Vo De Bahnhof" (track 18 on the Back to School vol. 1 mix), his ironic delivery of the Bern dialect and minimalist folk style make this a perfect way to impress yr new know-it-all girlfriend.

Track listing::>

01. Der Eskimo
02. Bim Coiffeur
03. Der Ferdinand Isch Gstorbe
04. I Han En Uhr Erfunde
05. Es Git E Beub Mit Name Fritz
06. Si Hei Der Wilhälm Täll Ufgfüert
07. Der Hansjakobli Und Ds Babettli
08. Ds Lied Vo De Bahnhof
09. DsHeidi

Here is the .zip

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi HUSH LITTLE BABY

Daddy's gonna buy you, bye and bye.
Come one May, a little voice was heard to say::>
I haven't had this much fun making a mix in a long time!  The bar has just opened, people are slowly shuffling in, one taste then two, and time begins to bend.  Not like a limbo or a deja vù, more a spring cleaning than a fresh point of view.  It will hit you up before it brings you down, gentle now, shh...

Track Listing::>

01. The Upsetters- Bucky Skank
02. The Shadows of Night- Shake
03. The Wailers- Roadrunner
04. Bo Diddley- Bo Diddley
05. Billy Barrix- Cool Off Baby
06. Dale Hawkins- Cross Ties
07. Charlie Feathers- Bottle to the Baby
08. Frankie Ford- Sea Cruise
09. King Tubby- King Tubby Ina Jamdung
10. Ray Stevens- Butch the Barbarian
11. The Pack- Next to Your Fire
12. Tender Slim- Teenage Hayride
13. Huey "Piano" Smith- Don't You Just Know It
14. Conway Twitty- Lonely Blue Boy
15. Chuck Berry- Broken Arrow
16. Mickey Lee Lane- Shaggy Dog
17. Augustus Pablo- Java Dub
18. The Alcons- Mambo Jambo
19. The Yardbirds- Ten Little Indians
20. The Muggletones- There She Goes (version)

here is the .zip

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hank Williams as LUKE THE DRIFTER

The other day my brother was telling me that I "have always been a big fan of this moralistic crap", and for some reason he sited my recent binge on the complete Luke the Drifter single collection. I have to admit, a gasp of delight welled up in my heart as I uncovered these beautiful relics, all in their original sleeves. The original box-set (pictured above) only had 4 records, but I found 2 more! For fans of "Hank", this stuff is a bit different: a lot of ponderous talking and gospel themes (mainly death). But for me it completes the picture of a man struggling to find self and truth in this often cruel world.

Track Listing ::>

01. Beyond the Sunset
02. I've Been Down That Road Before
03. Be Careful of the Stones You Throw
04. The Funeral
05. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night
06. Help Me Understand
07. Just Waitin'
08. Men With Broken Hearts
09. No, No, Joe
10. Everything's Okay
11. Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind
12. Too Many Parties Too Many Pals

Here is the .zip


This compilation is almost as bizarre as the misleading liner notes. Some of these excerpts/edits are shamefully short (sorry Steve Reich and Lasry-Baschet), but where else are you going to get Harry Partch or Conlon Nancarrow on 7"? Think of it as an educational tool. Or, for you more cynical and privileged: simply an artifact.

Here I have transcribed the amazing liner notes::>

Over Thirty? Stuck in the same musical bag for too long and getting a little twitchy? Have you run through the three Bs and back to Monteverdi and forward to Mahler and Ives? Are you bored with Perry Como but not desperate enough to want to embrace "The Stones" or Janis Joplin? Peace.
Under thirty? Are you getting bored occasionally with Jimi Hendrix, maybe a little put off by Jim Morrison? Jaws tired of "bubble gum music"? Want to broaden your horizons without getting trapped in that square symphony and opera stuff?
Good news! There's an area of new music growing that you can listen to without your friends accusing you of selling out to the other side. We don't know what to call it yet and we probably won't until strict "pop" and "classical" and "jazz" categories are ground into dust by the electronic age. But just because we don't have a name for it is no reason you can't go ahead and enjoy it.
Its borders are hazy and loose. Some of it is being written now by people like Terry Riley and Mort Subotnick and Luciano Berio. Some of it a decade or two old, is just now being discovered: like Blood, Sweat, and Tears uncovering Erik Satie or kids grooving to the sound of Harry Partch or Varèse.
So, if you've got the musical "blahs," listen. There's enough on this record to keep your adrenalin pumping through 1970. Come on, get with it!

-John McClure
Director of Masterworks

Track Listing (links are to wiki, not individual pieces)::>

Side 1:
01. Terry Riley- A Rainbow in Curved Air
02. Lasry-Baschet- Chronophagie
03. Harry Partch- Castor and Pollux
Side 2:
04. Luciano Berio- Sinfonia: Section III
05. Steve Reich- Violin Phase
06. Conlon Nancarrow- Study Number 7

Here is the .zip

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi WHAT'S UP, DOC?

I was back home recently and raided my Novelty/Children's box. The resulting mix is def not for everyone's ears or tastebuds, but for you crazy fucked-up individuals::> here is a schizo mix of 50's thru 70's novelty classicks, children's anthems, dated mash-ups, moral sexist slapstick beatnik fitness studio madness. No wonder our parents are so fucked up!!! I have cut all of these into individual tracks for easy perusal and appropriation, though most are only short lil snippets. "Take the straight and narrow path, and if you start to slide, give a little whistle..."

Track Listing::>

01. Buchanan & Goodman- The Flying Saucer Pt. 1
02. Firesign Theater- National Toilet
03. Jiminy Cricket- Intro
04. The Wizard of Oz- Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
05. Parakeet Training Record- Happy Day
06. Bob McFadden and Dor- The Mummy
07. Mel Blanc- Snowbound Tweety
08. Bobby Hendricks- Psycho
09. Dance Instruction
10. Flipper Theme
11. Tom Edwards- What is a Teenage Girl
12. Descending LFO
13. Eddie Vespa- A Letter to My Ex-Wife
14. Firesign Theater- Shoplifters Market
15. The Sword in the Stone- Higitus Figitus
16. Hudson and Landry- The Hippie and The Redneck
17. The Sicknicks- Presidential Conference
18. Jeanna Dixon- The Gift of Prophesy Pt. 2
19. Wendy Bagwell- Here Come the Rattlesnakes
20. The Hollywood Argyles- Bug Eye
21. United Electronics Institute
22. Jazzercize- Fit Is It
23. The Harlem Globetrotters- Sweet Georgia Brown
24. The Strangers- Crab Louie
25. Rollo and Boliver- Mildred, Our Choir Director
26. Play and Talk
27. Mickey Mouse and Friends- School Days
28. Firesign Theater- Art Snob
29. Slim Gaillard- Cement Mixer Putti Putti
30. Mel Blanc- Woody Woodpecker
31. Mel Blanc- Bugs Bunny in Storyland
32. Dickie Goodman- Mr. Jaws
33. Jose Jimenez- The Astronaut
34. Dr Boscoe- Dr. Boscoe Plays Name That Tune
35. Warren Schatz and the Universal City Orchestra- Stuck On TV
36. Robert Preston- Chicken Fat
37. Cinderella- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
38. Sallie Blair- Daddy
39. Judy Garland- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
40. Jiminy Cricket- Give a Little Whistle
41. Jorgi Jorgenson- All Pooped Out
42. The Corona Kids- Nid Nid Noddin'

here is the .zip

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi HELP WANTED

Last night I watched a man die on the u-bahn. We all sat there waiting, and then stood there watching. It was -9 degrees on the platform and they wouldn't let us leave at first. People half-hiddenly smoked cigarettes, planning their personal retreat. I was hungry and didn't want a drink. No one was there. Something about a man carrying the jaw bone of his father wrapped in a blanket tied across his back.

Track Listing::>

01. Marvin Gaye- Distant Lover (Live)
02. Al Petty- Steel Guitar Twist
03. Pete Drake- Rick-A-Shay
04. The Animals- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
05. Hank Williams- Alone and Forsaken
06. Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant- Rolling Sky
07. Lonnie Donnegan- Dead or Alive
08. Neil Young- Time Fades Away
09. Joe Maize and his Cordsmen- El Rancho Grande
10. Bud Isaacs- Steel Guitar Breakdown
11. Suni McGrath- Fantasia
12. Leadbelly and The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet- Take this Hammer
13. Spade Cooley- Y' ready
14. Willie Nelson- Blackjack County Chain
15. Jerry Byrd- Adventures in Paradise
16. Charles Mingus- Meditations for Moses
17. Frank Hunter- A Song About A Lonely Man
18. Herb Remington- Java
19. The Viscounts- Summertime
20. The Browns- Big Daddy

Here is the .zip

Friday, November 25, 2011

CAN- Halleluwah vs. DSCHINGHIS KAHN- Dschinghis Kahn

I haven't been posting many individual singles as of late, but I just felt the need to demonstrate how much West Germany in the 70's was a hell of a drug...

This Can single I have been hoisting high above my head since I found it at the Platten Pedro record store in Berlin (prices are high, but plenty o' raritease). Not much needs to be said here about "Halleluwah" except that once again any Can purists will be disappointed by the truncation of the edit (not to mention the mix), but goddamnit! The fact that this exists makes me happy to be alive! "Turtles Have Short Legs", a non-album track is also quite amazing, though I agree it would stick out on Tago Mago. Here is a good review from Head Heritage.

Can- "Halleluwah"

Can- "Turtles Have Short Legs"

Then, well there is Dschinghis Khan.

It doesn't get better than this video from the Eurovision Contest (4th place!!!) in 1979::>

Could have said it better myself. Their song "Moskau" was even an international hit, but believe me neither song hits no matter how ironically themed the night is. Better play it for disapproving friends while dancing wildly in yr living room late one night after the bars close.

Dschinghis Khan- "Dschinghis Khan"

Friday, November 4, 2011


Bounty! And by bounty I am in a very vague way talking about a young child's dream of becoming something of a brilliant star. A star so bright that it blinds most, and gives others intense headaches. Featured here is my very first 7" single, originally given to me by Little A during lunch in high school. It was subsequently stolen and sold, and though I have looked diligently in the D section of every hip record store I encounter, alas, I could only find it on ebay. This then sparked a stream of seamingly unnecessary compulsive shopping on and off line, whereby I could acquire fancier (like this bizarre french Fela edit--I know some records should not be put onto single, but you can't blame me for coveting them, right?) and more "post punky" shuck an groove records to sparkle away the hours of DJ-dom. I never knew it was so easy. I dreamed of a world where I could own Nervous Norvus' "The Fang", and now that it's here next to me as I write this endless tome of an introduction, I would like to give thanks and praises to the record gods who have been shining on little ol' me as of late.

Track Listing::>

01. Dub Narcotic Sound System- Fuck Shit Up
02. Miles Davis- Vote for Miles Pt. 2
03. The Slits- In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
04. Fela Anikulapo Kuti- Shakara
05. The Residents- Sinister Exaggerator
06. Pink Floyd- See Emily Play
07. Nervous Norvus- The Fang
08. Pere Ubu- Not Happy
09. Ween- Pollo Asado
10. Charles Mingus- Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting Pts. 1&2
11. Can- Future Days
12. The Pop Group- Where There's a Will...
13. Red Crayola with Art and Language- An Old Man's Dreams
14. Snakefinger- Kill the Great Raven
15. The Dead Kennedys- Too Drunk to Fuck
16. Wayne Cochran- The Coo
17. The Halo Benders- Don't Touch My Bikini
18. The Fall- How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'
19. Diamond Joe- Moanin' and Screamin' Pts. 1&2
20. Down from Dover- Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra

Here is the .zip

Saturday, July 16, 2011

MUGGLESTONE HI-FI Sum of 11 vol. 3

This last mix is probably my fav of the bunch because it played itself. I picked up a few Sega records from Mauritus (islands of Madagascar where the rich French come to sun) that blew my mind and sowed them with some dust that I found at Backtrack Records in Lincoln when I was there to see my cousin wed in the local Masonic Temple. This is the mid-summer mid-afternoon cool drink to begin the day (whether its a can o beer, a vodka tonic, or a caipirinha). Please enjoy!

Track Listing::>

01. Franki Valli- I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
02. Sanford Clark- The Fool
03. Booker T & the MGs- Aw, Mercy
04. Etta James- Something's Got a Hold on Me
05. Lonnie Donnegan- Lost John
06. Dave York- Beach Party
07. Roger Clency and Marie Josee- Famille Coutou
08. Bobby Gregg and Friends- The Jam Pt. 2
09. Mable John- Able Mable
10. Lee Hazlewood- Don't Cry
11. Jack McDuff- The Vibrator
12. Unknown Japanese Singer- Inochi Blues
13. The Muppets- Ma-Na-Ma-Na
14. Gerard Cimiotti e Son Ensemble- 40 Mozart
15. Lord Buckingham's XI- Fried Onions
16. Dossie "Thunderbird" Terry- Skinny Ginny
17. Naughty Abbie- Ala Moana Annie
18. Gerard Cimiotti- Sega Dans Camp Creole
19. Paul Evans- Happy Go Lucky Me
20. Marlene Dietrich- Lili Marlene

Here is the .zip

MUGGLESTONE HI-FI Sum of 11 vol. 2

This mix started as a tribute to all the songs that are a bit too "anthemic" for their own good, even though when taken in doses can make or break a nostalgia fueled dance party. But it turned out to be a collection of cool dad i-pod playlist material. I tried to sneak some ladies up in here to provide a little balance, but for the most part you can tailgate this one anywhere.

Track Listing::>

01. Can- Vitamin C
02. Mc5- Kick Out the Jams
03. Joy Division- Transmission
04. Blondie- One Way or Another
05. Iggy Pop- Lust for Life
06. Nina Hagen- African Reggae
07. The Dead Kennedys- Holiday in Cambodia
08. The Sweet- Blockbuster
09. FehlFarben- Es Geht Voran
10. Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit
11. Led Zepplin- D'yer Maker
12. The Velvet Underground- Femme Fatale
13. Metallica- Creeping Death
14. Frank Zappa- Stick it Out
15. Guns N' Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
16. David Bowie/Queen- Under Pressure
17. Neil Young- Walk On
18. the Smiths- Big Mouth Strikes Again
19. The Pop Group- We are All Prostitutes
20. Negativland- I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For (Special Edit Radio Mix)

Here is the .zip

Friday, July 15, 2011

MUGGLESTONE HI-FI Sum of 11 vol. 1

When in doubt (and I mean self-doubt), overcompensate. That's what the country preacher has to say about it. So here you get not 1, not 2, but rather 3 new mixes to mow the lawn to. For this first volume I didn't really want to break any rules of the game for the summer of 2011, just showcase some of the finest southern funk and proto-rock classics. Doesn't that sound nice? There are plenty of classix as well as the elusive rare groove or two to keep the pop police at bay, and of course some nice whitey go black blues rock that we've grown to love.

Track Listing::>

01. The Meters- Hand Clapping Song
02. Sandy Nelson- Drum Stomp
03. Jo Ann & Troy- Who Do You Love?
04. The Animals- Boom Boom
05. The Twistin' Kings- Congo Pt. 1
06. Chuck Berry- Hey Pedro
07. Eddie Bo- Hook n Sling Pt. 2
08. The Novas- The Crusher
09. The Who- Dogs Pt. 2
10. The Fantastic Epics- Fun and Funk Pt. 3
11. Caetano Veloso- Não Identificado
12. The Shadows- Apache
13. Hugh Masekela- Riot
14. Mickey and the Soul Generation- Iron Leg
15. The Blackbyrds- Do it, Fluid
16. The Byrds- Leavin' Here
17. Them- Mystic Eyes
18. The Rolling Stones- Not Fade Away
19. Benny Spellman- Fortune Teller
20. Bert Weedon- Bert's Boogie

Here is the .zip

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MONKEY MIX

I was drinkin beer mid-afternoon with my man Alan and watching old Butthole Surfers videos when we got to talkin about famous rock n roll bass players that did weirdo electro dub side projects in the late 70's. When back at my favorite watering hole (WAX TRAX Records in Denver) I was able to pick up a few that show up on this mix. As for the rest of it, needless to say I was feeling a bit manic.

Track Listing::>

01. Dion- Runaround Sue
02. The Yardbirds- The Shapes of Things
03. Bill Wyman- Si Si, Je Suis Un Rock Star
04. Paul McCartney- Check My Machine
05. Grace Jones- Warm Leatherette
06. Five Du Tones- Divorce Court
07. Johnny Dee- Sittin' in The Balcony
08. Preston Epps- Bongola
09. Adam Ant- Ant's Rap
10. Raymilland- Side Talk
11. America- A Horse with No Name
12. Love- No. Fourteen
13. Jimmy Castor- Ham Hocks Español
14. Shirley and Company- Shame, Shame, Shame
15. Kraftwerk- The Robots
16. John Cale- Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
17. The Viscounts- Chug-a-lug
18. Donald Byrd- Black Byrd
19. Hal Pearl's Singing Canaries- La Paloma
20- Wally Fowler and His Oak Ridge Quartet- Church in the Valley

Here is the .zip

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mugglestone Hi-Fi NEW AGE MIX

Something for the New Zodiac, this one goes out to all you Ophiochus mofos out there. This picture came from a web article entitled "How Will Climate Change Impact World Food Supplies?" Need I say more? Lots of gold and moldies here, hard-hitting sentimentalitease and saxy sweet sextrumentals to ease the burden of the everyman inside us all.

Track Listing::>

01. Conway Twitty- Long Black Train
02. Jimmy McCracklin- The Drag
03. Gloria De Haven- Red Hot Pepper Pot
04. Dee Jay and the Runaways- Peter Rabbit
05. John Lee Hooker- Dazie Mae
06. George Jones String Band- Opry Rag
07. The Chantays- Move It
08. Ketty Lester- Love Letters
09. Big Jay McNeeley- Deacon's Hop
10. Red Foley- Hoot Owl Boogie
11. Floyd Jones- Any Old Lonesome Day
12. Roy Orbison- Running Scared
13. The Ideals- Knee Socks
14. O.V. Wright- Monkey Dog
15. Betty Mclaurin- Autumn Leaves
16. Jim Ed Brown- The Enemy
17. Ray Charles- Busted
18. Irma Thomas- It's Raining
19. The Jaguars- Where Lovers Go
20. Jack Scott- Goodbye Baby

Here is the .zip

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MAKKI LA LA MIX

Who said mama's little baby likes shortnin' bread?
My little monkey loves watermelon
My little monkey loves teen wolf
My little monkey likes all the finer things
My little monkey could teach you one times two
If she can make to teach on me
She can sure reach down to you
My little monkey is a vu vu vu
vu vu vu vu la la vu vu vu

Track Listing::>

01. The Dixie Cups- Iko Iko
02. Wanda Jackson- Let's Have a Party
03. The J.B.'s- Hot Pants Road
04. Sam Taylor- Let's Go Dancin'
05. The Sheik's Men- The Belly Dancer
06. Lil Green- Romance in the Dark
07. Lee Hazlewood- Greyhound Bus Depot
08. Ines Barroso- Villa Legos
09. Alice Coltrane- Journey to Satchidananda Pt. 1
10. Spiritualized- Good Times
11. Carla Bley- Little Pony Soldier
12. Mick Jagger- Memo From Turner
13. Otis Redding- I've Been Loving You Too Long
14. Big Maceo- Worried Life Blues
15. Dave "Baby" Cortez- Organ Shout
16. Muddy Waters- Mean Mistreater
17. Brian Wilson- Caroline, No
18. The Roberta Martin Singers- Teach Me Lord
19. Norman Granz Supervising Charlie Parker etc.- Lady Be Good Pt. 1
20. Paul Craft- It's Me Again, Margaret

Here is the .zip

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just came back from Istanbul with a slew of amazing Turkish prog/psych records to find a small package of amazing skweee records from dødpop in Norway. I knew it would be dicey and a bit presumptuous to make a mix using only those, so I added a few other classics to help pave the way for this mixx. Perhaps not as easy listening as some other mixes up on hear, but a lot of goodies and some raritease to while the sun machine to sleep.

Track Listing::>

01. Erkin Koray- Krallar
02. Melkeveien vs Nino- Mandag
03. Selda- Rabbim
04. Shannon- Let the Music Play (dub)
05. Fantastic Johnny C- Boogaloo Down Broadway
06. Baris Manco- Olum Allahin Emri
07. Sprutbass- Ulykke
08. Beat Happening- Red Head Walking
09. Righeira- Vamos a la Playa
10. Unknown Coxsone Record- Little Girl?
11. Black Sabbath- Iron Man
12. Selcuk Alagoz-Malabadi Koprusu
13. Charles Mingus- The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
14. Eric B. & Rakim- Paid in Full
15. Nikki Sudden- Channel Steamer
16. Beatbully- Jobbe Pa Fabrikk
17. Minnie Riperton- Lovin' You
18. Serap Aksoy- Bendeki Sabir Daglari Deler
19. Swell Maps- Loin of the Surf
20. 3 Hur El- Sevenler Aglarmis

Here is the .zip

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


"Fuck it, I deserve it," I said as I realized I had spent some 130 Euro on records over the last week (but even those weren't enough for a B-day mix so I added both some dance with yrself classix and some tracks I have been meaning to post for a while). Sorry for the lengthy gap between posts, the I-man has been overdoing it a bit for the last lasts. Enjoy!

Track Listing::>

01. The Temptations- Papa was a Rolling Stone
02. The Cramps- Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?
03. Red Crayola- We are Born in Flames
04. Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg- La Dècadanse
05. Washboard Sam- Don't You Leave Me Here
06. Sonic Youth- Death Valley 69
07. Fadhili William and the Black Shadows- Hakuna Mwingine
08. The Flying Lizards- Tube
09. Lou Reed/ John Cale- Nobody but You
10. Bix Beiderbecke- Riverboat Shuffle
11. Nancy Sinatra- Lightning's Girl
12. Betty Davis- He was a Big Freak (Record Plant Rough Mix)
13. Little Richard/ Jimi Hendrix- Money Honey
14. Hamilton Bohannon- South African Man
15. Yoko Ono- Kiss Kiss Kiss
16. Annette- Lonely Guitar
17. Pixies- Dig for Fire
18. Dee-Lite- Groove is in the Heart (Peanutbutter Mix)
19. Wreckx N Effect- Rumpshaker
20. Harold Betters- Do What you Wanna Pt. 1

Here is the .zip

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mugglestone Hi-Fi SOMMERMIX 2010

This one just writes itself::> a lot of ethnic goodies here, including some cumbia records that my friends brought me back from recent S.A. travels and a killer Congolese record courtesy of Brian at Awesome Tapes from Africa. Round it off with some good feelin soul and twang-strumentals and we gots something, it ain't profound but it moves.

Track Listing::>

01. Pigmeat Markham- Here Comes the Judge
02. Johnny Colon- Mombo Suzie
03. Tommy James and the Shondells- Thunderbolt
04. The Mighty Imperials- Thunder Chicken
05. Mickey Baker- Baia
06. Link Davis- Allons a Lafayette
07. The Beach Boys- Girl Don't Tell Me
08. Gary U.S. Bonds- New Orleans
09. Paul Humphreys and his Cool Aid Chemists- Cool Aid
10. Warren Covington- El Watusi
11. Ronny Kae- Drums Fell Off a Cliff
12. Screamin Jay Hawkins- Little Demon
13. Chuck Carbo- Can I Be Your Squeeze
14. Osibisa- Music for Gong Gong
15. Orch. Stukas- Wangata pt 1
16. Ines Barroso- Capueira
17. Scandinavian Letkis Dance Band- Jumpin Jenka
18. Cecilio Ruiz y su Sonor Colombiano- La Banda Borrachada
19. El Chicano- Viva Tirado pt 1
20. Jerry Byrd- Hawaiian Sunset

Here is the .zip

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Recent travel to the UK brought some memorable round pieces of plastic into my life. SPOILER ALERT::> Not everything is British. The name and the little picture were just too tempting. There are some proper classics from quite a few hipster genres on here, but also some "challenging" stuff that might be a bit too much for yr super cool art-collector mom. But yr older cousin that never quite made it out of the minimum wage turned shift manager job at the grocery store will be like "those songs were already retro like 15 years ago" and then go off about these fucking kids who still think J.G. Ballard is like the greatest new thing. He will then start bitching about how William Gibson's new books are even better than the old ones but that no one cares anymore. And then he will wipe his sweaty hands on the back of his jeans (faded and frayed, but no proper holes), chew on the corner of his moustache and continue to fret about his young girlfriend/co-worker that may or may not be pregnant.

Track Listing::>

01. Bauhaus- Third Uncle
02. Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark- Maid of New Orleans (The Waltz of Joan of Arc)
03. Spiritualized- Good Times
04. Jesus and Mary Chain- Just like Honey
05. Hank Mizell- Jungle Rock
06. J. O. Araba and his Afro Skiffle Group-Lumumba Tiku
07. Snakefinger- The Man in the Dark Sedan
08. Ed Banger- Kinnel Tommy
09. The Modern Lovers- Roadrunner
10. The Fiery Furnaces- Crystal Clear
11. Jad Fair/ Daniel Johnston- The Making of an Album
12. Bow Wow Wow- C'30 C'60 C'90 Go
13. M.I.A.- Galang 05
14. Mr. Lex- No (Raw)
15. Rip Rig & Panic- Go Go Go (This is It)
16. Grauzone- Eisbaer
17. Magazine- Shot by Both Sides
18. Fad Gadget- 4m
19. Cocteau Twins- Iceblink Luck
20. Prince- 7

Here is the .zip

Thursday, May 6, 2010


You guessed it! Filler songs are generally my favorite because they are dependable, make everyone happy, and take the pressure off. Too much killer can kill. Cuz as we all know, there is such a too much of a good thing. And yes, often hits make perfect filler.

Track Listing::>

01. Al Green- Tired of Bering Alone
02. Art & Dotty Todd- Chanson D'Amour
03. Dusty Springfield- Son of a Preacher Man
04. Charles Brown- Butterfly
05. Paul Anka- Crazy Love
06. John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band- Woman is the Nigger of the World
07. Clarence Henry- Ain't Got No Home
08. Larry Williams- Short Fat Fanny
09. Memphis Slim- Hey Lonely Girl
10. El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico- Mundy Baja
11. Johnny Cash & June Carter- Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
12. Al Jolson- Carolina in the Morning
13. Dinosaur- Kiss Me Again
14. Flor Silvestre- Una Limosina
15. Billy Paul- Me & Mrs. Jones
16. Lyn Collins- Mr. Big Stuff
17. The Ink Spots- We Three
18. Perry Como- Keep It Gay
19. Etta James- All I Could Do Was Cry
20. The Flamingos- I Only Have Eyes for You

Here is the .zip

Saturday, May 1, 2010


What can I say without sounding too weird. I started out wanting to make a kind of NDW mix with a smattering of 60's/70's classic rock/disco jams and some tasteful ballads, but then I kept adding these world music tracks that I love and can never DJ or fit into some of the more straight ahead mixes (esp these amazing Burmese and Bengali songs) and then of course some other little muffins. The track listing looks like another one of these "who the fuck is this guy, maybe he's trying a little bit too hard," but after listening to it yull find the songs create the perfect background for you to discuss politicized photography movements of the mid-70's or some article you read in the most recent issue of Cabinet.

Track Listing:::>

01. Mills Bros.- Sweet Adeline
03. Ike and Tina Turner- Come Together
04. Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers- Egyptian Reggae
05. Trio Los Panchos- Cancion Del Alma
06. Deep Purple- Space Truckin'
07. Hamilton Bohannon- Disco Stomp
08. Burmese Song and Dance Ensemble- Introduction
09. The Ramblers- Devil Train
10. Donovan- Hurdy Gurdy Man
11. Gilbert Becaud- Nathalie
12. Leonard Cohen- It Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
13. Tiriki Musicians- Unknown
14. Lecuona Cuban Boys- Tabou
15. The Monkees- Last Train to Clarksville
16. Wall of Voodoo- Mexican Radio
17. Bengali Folk Song- Unknown
18. Trevor Baby/ G James- Cooki Monster
19. De La Soul (feat. Jungle Bros., Q-Tip, Queen Latifah)- Buddy
20. Trio- Sabine Sabine Sabine

Here is the .zip