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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is by far my favorite James Brown organ instrumental on King Records. I was lucky enough to hear him play it live at an outside festival (where he opened up for the string cheese incident !?!) and I got kicked out of the show for "being disruptive." It was the forth of July and he was wearing a blue rhinestone tux, and his band had on trad. black tuxes with a red sash and white shirt. Pure class. I come across many James Brown records, usually all but destroyed by time and excessive play; this one is unfortunately no exception. But I love the soulful feel and the vocal sensitivity he infuses into his solo. Genius does not begin to describe his impact on this world. When are they going to make some blasè bio pic on James Brown, this guy deserves a whole Martin Scorcese series!!!

James Brown- "Every Beat of My Heart"


We often only think of Dick Hyman as the Moog guy (as this track represents), but in fact he was a very accomplished jazz and classical musician. The sad truth may be that we already had enough of those so he had to branch out into making these space age (for the late 60's) recordings for the Command label. His oeuvre is such that it spans everything from this experimental synth pop to tribute albums for bix beiderbeck and fats waller often accompanied by some heavy jazz cats from many generations. Still, this song is just goofy and fun, and gives a pretty good idea of what a titty bar on corfu must be like. I love the space pistol sounds, by far one of my fav sound effects.

Dick Hyman and his Electric Eclectics- "Topless Dancers of Corfu"

dj scud- GUN COURT

I thought I'd give a couple pics since they both are small and mean absolutely nothing to anyone that doesn't know what this record is. I am very lucky to have found this early breakcore record in a bookstore in Denver. Released in 1999, this record has enough ear-bleeding siren sounds cracked over frantic ragga-style breaks to make anyone think its beirut in the 80's. I am not finding much in the formation of the man beyond his name is Toby Reynolds and he runs Ambush Records out of London. Anyone who knows breakcore knows a little too much about it, so let them correct me and give more infos. This song is a great way to shock waaay too drunk people or to segway in or out of some heavy shit. Often, as an act of contrition I will play some hip hop after or some heavier dancehall that hits but never as hard and fast as this does.

DJ SCUD- Gun Court Series (side A)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Jaguars never had any huge hits, but perhaps were remarkable for being "integrated" back in the 50's, giving them good crossover appeal. This record follows the simple single formula of doo-wop dance track on one side and guitar-lead instrumental ballad on the other (of which I share witchoo). "Where the Lovers Go" has the timeless parked at lookout mountain neckin in the backseat of daddy's t-bird feel, which I just love. Ah, nostagia. The record I have is on Original Sound, but according to Global Dog Productions (one of the greatest resources for single enthusiasts of all kinds--with often near complete catalog lists of many different obscure and staple labels), it was on Faro records. This pic is with Hunter Hancock (famous L.A. DJ that is considered the first whitey to play R&B on the radio).

The Jaguars take you "Where Lovers Go"

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sleepy is still around playin shows (his website says more than 200 a year) so book him for yr next barbecue or wedding. Best known for his low voice and rockabilly style (and half-closed eyelids), I learned from the Bob Dylan Theme Time radio show that he was also a bit of a B-horror movie star, usually cast as the monster/double due to his tremendous height. This song, on Plantation Records, is chuggin the whole way through, more of a mix tape song than a live DJ track, but there is something about a "diesel-dockin, truck-drivin, asphault cowboy" that strikes a chord in me.

Sleepy LaBeef as the "Asphalt Cowboy"

The Ohio Players- FUNKY WORM

I picked this song up years ago at a record convention in Denver after seeing the Westbound label, and while I always found the Ohio Players to be incredibly innovative, this track is on a different level. It's hard to believe it actually made it to number one in the charts, given the insanely grating granny voice of the worm's "manager". But the synth solos have been sampled by about everyone and are pretty much the trademark of the N.W.A. sound. Beyond all of that, this old lady hustler manager who just wants to get paid for exploiting the funky worm cause "he can't spend it" is just an amazing and hilarious parody of the industry. I can here them cracking up in the studio when they recorded the vocals (hubbas anyone?).

The Ohio Players, "Funky Worm"

Perry Como- KEEP IT GAY

A random picture of the legendary cheeseball Perry Como. This song is out of my (not so extensive) retro-homo-erotic single collection that I will get back up here for the people who care. You can read the lyrics here, but its understood that the word gay is used in its antiquated sense, however the irony of some of the lines inspired this extremely amateur youtube video. "Take it easy and enjoy it while you take it".

Perry Como with "Keep It Gay"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Swan Silvertones-SINGIN IN MY SOUL

The Swan Silvertones were one of the most influential gospel singing groups of the 40s and 50s. It looks like this track was recorded in 1960 (according to and was the title track of a full length. The lead voice of Claude Jeter is so smooth and sweet/hot and cold that you know exactly where Al Green got it from. The power of a delicate and controlled falsetto whooping and yelping always sends chills down my spine.

The Swan Silvertones "Singin in My Soul"

Augustus Pablo/Joe Whyte- EDI AMIN

One of the greatest/most striking reggae 45s I have ever come across. I can't find any info about the recording beyond some people selling it at online auctions. Augustus Pablo is playing some super angular melodica riffs on this, but the jazzy production and everything I probably attribute more to Joe Whyte because I don't hear many Augustus tracks with this much flava and interplay. I bet Idi Amin could probably get next to this song. I often play this early in the night before people really get jammin because any reggae fan can tell there is something amazingly wrong with this track. If you know any more info on this, please let me know.

Augustus Pablo/Joe Whyte- "Edi Amin"

Rip Rig and Panic-GO, GO, GO (THIS IS IT)

Generally I try to stay away from themes in my posting, but this was too easy and perfect to follow Rahsaan. This band, named in tribute to the Roland Kirk album, certainly also qualifies as a post-punk super group with Neneh Cherry on vocals, members of the Pop Group (Bruce Smith!!!!) and daddy Don Cherry and even Nico making cameos. I love the looped John Coltrane lick that plays near the end. This first single is great for any post-punk/eclectro party because it doesn't quite fit the mold of any of it, blending Neneh's sassy soul vocals with some pretty wild left (as opposed to found)-field music and horn sounds and the heavy reverb claps over the tin pan drumming of Smith.

Rig Rig & Panic with "Go, Go, Go (This is it)"


Rahsaan Roland Kirk left behind a legacy that spans the entirety of the jazz idiom. Often considered a gimic or trick-pony crowd-pleasing mockingbird, its tracks like this, from the album "Rip, Rig, and Panic," that prove even further his devotion to the traditional elements of all black music and expression. The only other comment I can make is the line-up of this record, which included Elvin Jones on drums, Jaki Byard on keys, and Richard Davis on double bass--definitely a dream team or fantasy jazz league lineup.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk- "Once In A While"

Monday, March 2, 2009


Classic Roxy Music when Eno still reigned on the knob-turning synth. Perfect accompaniment to any retro hipster night, this song has it all: from the dramatic instro build to the tumbling bass fallout to the searing guitar and sax lines, all with Ferry's indelible croon. Here is a live video from '72 with enough glitter and glam to shame the vatican (check out the dancers, they don't make them like that any more).

Roxy Music- "Virginia Plain"

Big Tiny Little-THE GANG SONG

I think the first picture gives you a good idea what this song is about. It's "Big" Tiny Little's version if the children's song "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad". I have been goaded recently to put up more of my novelty collection (many of them on Coral records), and while this is a different breed (he played with Lawrence Welk for years), it fits the bill. The use of train whistles and the toy piano bring playfulness to the side which somehow I guess is a parody of chain-gang life. Let me go out on a limb here and say this song ain't fer everyone.

"Big" Tiny Little's "The Gang Song"


What can I say, this song is about a teenage girl being sexually coerced by the king of france (either that or the famous race horse--listen to the drums) at gunpoint. Here is a link to the video where you can see the band fully adorned in pirate costumes, that hints more at early 80's scallywag fashion than pent-up royal sexual tension. I love the lyrics "just close yr eyes and think of england just for a second." I am not going to bore you with the details (Adam and the Ants etc.--here is a wiki link if you care), this song just rocks.

Bow Wow Wow and "Louis Quatorze"

Enoch Light and the Light Brigade-CARRIBE

This picture doesn't really do justice to the man, his wild stereophonic sound, and his innovative ab-minimal cover art, but since this is from a sleeveless 45 on Command records, at least you get a glimpse of the man behind the Light Brigade. This track is the b-side to an exactly what you'd expect version of "A Hard Day's Night," which almost compelled me to not buy it. But this track is uproarious from the onset, with its lush pitter-pat percussion and trilling synthesizer sounds punctuated by a riverboat hornline. The arrangement is half quincy jones and half afro-cuban dizzy gillespie, all coated inna "springtime in oz" style production. "Carribe" is more of an audiophile's wet dream than a dj song, but can work well as punctuation or a pivot in a set.

Enoch Light and the Light Brigade with "Carribe"


I found this record at the end of a long day searching through shelves of sleeveless 45s in a book store in Dallas. This is the original version, on 4 Star Records, though most people know the song as done by Perry Como. Slim Willet was one of the most under-rated country songwriters of the early generation, never having any real hits, though his songs have been covered by almost everyone. I love the uptempo chugging of the song, with sprinkles of barroom piano and fiddle a là Bob Wills; but for me its all about the way Willet wraps the melody around the simple 2 chord structure, giving a longing Willie Nelson feel to the vocals.

Slim Willet and the Brush Cutters- "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes"


This 70's garage/blues/psyche gem (from Iowa!) often slips through the cracks due to the simple fact that every band from '65 on did a version of this song. I don't know much about the group, but I did gather a bit of info from waxidermy where members of the band actually wrote some comments about it. This song has a great wind up or wind down feel for a set as it goes from kind of a roadhouse boogie blues to an uptempo psych-out, always with the bass thudding and plodding along. I remember one night, a sweat-drenched bearded long-haired guy came bounding up to me to exclaim, "this is 'Tobacco Road'!" It was one of those classic, 'I just wanted to let you know that I know too' kind of things, but of course when I first heard the song I thought the same but perhaps with a more !?! expression.

Hot Jam with "Tobacco Road"