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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Jojk is a Lappish (Sami) vocal style mainly associated with the Nåid, or local magicians/shamans.  They used these chants to become connected with nature and go into ecstasy or trance.  During the Christianization of the Far North, these Shamans and heathen practitioners were often put to violent deaths, and the use of the drum has since been forbidden.  But of course the Jojk lives on.  This rare artifact from the Jokkmokks Museum in Sweden from 1966, gives an amazing glimpse into the different styles and the individual meanings of the songs.

Here is a link to a .pdf of the liner notes included with the record.  It gives bios of the singers, as well as translations of the texts.

Track Listing::>

01. Ultevis in Spring
02. Ultevis in Autumn
03. Ramsos Bank (Ramso's Bank)
04. Jåhtelis Manno (The Swift Journey)
05. Kita-Jåtos (Spring Removal)

06. Räino-Puoltan (The Reindeer Herding Slope)

07. Sarek
08. Nils Larsson Tuorda
09. Petter Anu Spik

10. Jiekngaffo
11. Vallesnijpa
12. Piegga (The Mountain Wind)
13. Piegga-Njunnje (The Windnose)
14. Skaite-Janna (The Jojk of Janne Larsson)
15. Hierke (The Reindeer Ox)
16. Miesse (The Reindeer Calf)
17. Sloabme-Njunnje (The Elk)

Here is the .zip

Mugglestone Hi-Fi BACK 2 SCHOOL VOL. 2: KAYO MOODS

I recently was at this record store in Monterey, CA, where the guy had a slew of overpriced 70's/80's singles that I spent an hour hunched on the floor picking through.  Just to give you an idea, he had a broken Fraggle Rock theme song picture sleeve that he was selling for 6 bucks, I told him the record was broken and he said it was 6 bucks "just for the sleeve".  As I was leaving with nothing for my labor, he dismissively pointed to the corner under the overstock and said I had missed a box--but its all crap, so a quarter each or 5 for a buck.  Here I found about 20 amazing Japanese records from the 50's and 60's, all exclusively in Japanese and most without a sleeve (here I also found another copy of the Fraggle Rock record, in M- condition but without the sleeve).

I can't find out much about this beautiful genre of post-war jazzy/pop songs except a wiki page with some information about a genre that seems to fit called Kayokyoku.  It gives a little insight into the genre that would later become the basic for Japanese Mod/Go-Go records (a la the Spiders) and even J-Pop.  I also found some forums for what they are calling "J-Pop Oldies" or Enka music, but I still am having a hard time getting the artists or titles for the songs.  Most of the records are on King or Columbia, so mostly all I have are the record numbers. Nonetheless, I decided to put it up here for you, with the hopes that maybe someone can help me shed some light on this beautiful piece of history.

So, get some shitty supermarket sake, heat it up in the microwave, and ENJOY!

(Due to the lack of info there is no real tracklisting, but all the record label info/titles are in the name of the song)

Here is the .zip

Sunday, September 2, 2012


You don't have to tell me kids, the mid-summer boredom has now turned into an embittered self-inflicted nostalgia.  But to brighten the burden and smear on the cathedral windows or stick under the table at yr favorite pizza parlor, hear are some "dusted to perfection" Continental Classix.  For you under-priviledged, this can be yr semester abroad, you can be spit on in any language.  For you underwhelmed and achieved, bolster your e-culture rating with some not-so-other-worldly tunes, we've been to Africa and back, forgery is now the greatest flattery, and now more authentic than ever!

Track Listing::>

01. Paquito Vargas- Tomillo Y Romero
02. Lecuona Cuban Boys- Coubanakan
03. Jacques Brel- Le Play Pays
04. Maria Dolores Pradera- Paloma Dejame Ir
05. Gilbert Becaud- Plein Soleil
06. Alberto Lupo- Io Ti Amo
07. Georges Brassens- Chanson Pour L'Auvergnat
08. Jorge Fontes- Rosa Enjeitada
09. Comedian Harmonists- Perpetuum Mobile
10. Adriano Celentano- Chi Non Lavora Non Fa l'Amore
11. Alain Barriere- Ma Vie
12. Miguel Aceves Mejia- Cuatro Caminos
13. Kenneth Spencer- Geisterreiter
14. Perez Prado- Voodoo Suite Part 1
15. Hrnos Mino Naranjo- Mi Longuita
16. Hughes Aufray- Celine
17. Nina de la Puebla- Cien Años Lejo De Ti
18. Mani Matter- Ds Lied Vo De Bahnhof
19. Yma Sumac- Llulla Makta
20. Bertolt Brecht- Moritat (1929 Recording)

Here is the .zip


This is the first EP from Swiss German singer/songwriter Mani Matter, from 1966.  As heard in "Ds Lied Vo De Bahnhof" (track 18 on the Back to School vol. 1 mix), his ironic delivery of the Bern dialect and minimalist folk style make this a perfect way to impress yr new know-it-all girlfriend.

Track listing::>

01. Der Eskimo
02. Bim Coiffeur
03. Der Ferdinand Isch Gstorbe
04. I Han En Uhr Erfunde
05. Es Git E Beub Mit Name Fritz
06. Si Hei Der Wilhälm Täll Ufgfüert
07. Der Hansjakobli Und Ds Babettli
08. Ds Lied Vo De Bahnhof
09. DsHeidi

Here is the .zip