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Sunday, March 16, 2014



Oum Kalsoum is no doubt the Queen of Egyptian singers and changed the face of Arabic culture and politics.  I cannot begin to describe the power, elegance and beauty with which she brings to life the famous poetry of the Arabic canon.  To get an idea of her prowess and majesty here are a couple of videos::>

I finally found my first and favorite piece of hers on double 7", Beid Annak, though not in the version I recognize.  At the Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques they had many of her discs, and I bought as many as I could.  Included here is::>

Beid Annak Pts. 1-4
Anta El Hob Pts. 1-4
Touf Ou Chouf Pts. 1-2

Here is the .zip


Although from Lebanon, Sabah made her mark in Egypt as a singer and actress.  Her career has spanned 5 decades and she has been the subject of several scandals due to her many marriages and possible affairs.  Many consider her to be the Nancy Sinatra of the Arab world due to her bubbly demeanor yet tremendous melancholy, and of course the iconic blonde hair.  Included here are 2 records::>

Habibat Oummaha Pts. 1-2
Hiloua Ou Taiba Pts. 1-2
Demmou Khafif Pts. 1-2
Bini Ou Binek Thar Pts. 1-2

Here is the .zip


Fairouz, the "Jewel of Lebanon", made a splash on the international stage and in the 70's was a household name for many Arab-Americans and Europeans.  Her success was a bit stinted by the Lebanese Civil War, but at age 78 she still continues to perform.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get more than 1 record, which I have included here: "Mahrajane El Kamh"/"Saoufa Ahya".

Here is the .zip


With a little help from fellow crate diggers and wax poets I obtained some amazing artifacts while cruising around Casablanca.  The very famous Disques Gam and Le Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques provided me with some truly unforgettable tracks that speak to the diversity of Moroccan music and culture.  From the hauntingly psychedelic organ of Abdou El Omari to the Berber Rwais music (see the extended listening for more) to the almost 7 minute long twist song of Abdelwahab Doukkali and the "Moroccan Rolling Stones" Jil Jilali, this mix is a musical journey that will leave you wanting more.  So, I have made a massive "Extended Listening" section for people that want to dig a little deeper.  

Track Listing::>

01. Abdou El Omari- Fatine
02. Jil Jilala- Rifia
03. Hawa Hadaoua- Yami Yami
04. Abdelhadi Belkyat- El Kamr El Ahmar Pt. 1
05. Abdelwahab Doukkali- Twist Iway T'koussi Chaarek Twist
06. Hamid Zahir- Bara
07. Nass El Ghiwane- Mezzine M'dihek
08. Cheikh Rouicha Mohamed- Taazhat Ghouri
09. Unknown- Disques Gam 103
10. Haj M. B. Yahia Outznaght- Al Mahchar
11. Abdou El Omari- Layali Saif
12. Unknown- Izenkade
13. Unknown- Awad Aït Zaltane Pt. 2
14. Jil Jilala- Al Kouds

Here is the .zip



I picked up a lot of records that from what I can determine is called Rwais music, mainly played on the Rebab (the fiddle seen above).  Here is a great article explaining the significance of this genre.  I tried to name the tracks as accurately as possible but most of the records are exclusively in Arabic.  

Track Listing::>

01. R. H. Elmahdi Ben M'Bark- Part 1
02. R. H. Elmahdi Ben M'Bark- Part 2
03. R. Haj Omar Wahrouch- Part 1
04. R. Haj Omar Wahrouch- Part 2
05. Rais Hmad Amentag- Imik Aiga Dhab Pt 1
06. Rais Hmad Amentag- Imik Aiga Dhab Pt 2
07. Rais Md Damsiri- Assif Nait Hadi
08. Rais Md Damsiri- Ikalm Dalkoursi
09. Rais Mohamed Baamrani- Roihait Azine Anmoune
10. Rais Mohamed Baamrani- Zaid Aouddi Chour

Here is he .zip

ABDELHADI BELKYAT- El Kamar El Ahmar Pts. 1-4

Abdelhadi Belkyat is a Moroccan singer and actor.  I included part 1 of this 2-record set in the Moroccan Tourism Guide, but thought all of it is amazing and worth uploading.  The lush orchestration seems very influenced by the Egyptian Sono Cairo, but his voice is unique and unforgettable.  

Here is the .zip


I included the first record (Fatine/Layali Saif) on the Tourism Guide, but the second record is just as striking.  His psychedelic organ boogaloo sound cannot really be compared with anything I have heard before.  Both records are on Disques Gam.  A lot of people have posted a track of his hear and thar, but I thought it nice to give a neat little .zip of all 4 tracks I could find...

Here is the .zip