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All mixes are cut into individual tracks that have id3 tags. You just download the .zip file and drag the tracks into iTunes and they will play as a mix or separately.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Are you ever on the road with yr band and things are getting a little bitchy and you need some good tunes that will make the miles go by, not anything to heavy or too sing-songy or taste-specific? Well let's hope this does the trick. A non-Cormac McCarthy road trip mix.

Track Listing::>

01. Tex Ritter- High Noon
02. Tom and Jerry's Rockets- On the Road Again
03. The Kinks- Lola
04. Tony Joe White- Polk Salad Annie
05. The Banjo Maniacs- Pick It You Peasant
06. Slim Willet and the Brush Cutters- Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
07. The Cure- Close to Me
08. The Church Street 5- A Night with Daddy G Part 1
09. Sidney Bechet- St. Louis Blues
10. Augustus Pablo- Edi Amin
11. Bull and the Matadors- Funky Judge (Instrumental)
12. Tom Waits- Frank's Wild Years
13. Clyde McCoy- Sugar Blues
14. Kenny Everett/Mike Vickers- Captain Kremmen
15. The Traveling Wilburys- Margarita
16. Caetano Veloso- Alegria Alegria
17. Bessie Smith- Black Mountain Blues
18. Perez Prado- My Roberta
19. Porter Wagoner- Heartbreak Affair
20. Pete Moesser's Music- Hawaiian Affair

Here is the .zip

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The idea here is quite simple: something for everyone. And while that most likely is not the case, who can resist some good disco, big band, cumbia, hank williams, david bowie, post punk, reggae, calypso, kitsch, italian pop, etc.? I'll admit it: I was in a good mood...oh, and this vik venus intro is such a classic, download it just for this proto mash-up masterpiece.

Track Listing::>

01. Vik Venus- Moonflight
02. Anita Ward- Ring My Bell
03. Enoch Light and the Light Brigade- Carribe
04. David Bowie- Andy Warhol
05. Cabaret Voltaire- Silent Command
06. Hank Williams Sr.- Kawliga
07. Fantasy- Stoned Cowboy
08. Les Paul and Mary Ford- I'm a Fool to Care
09. Cy Coleman- Sweet Pussycat
10. Frank Zander- Da Da Da
11. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico- Mundy Baja
12. The Jordanaires- Each Day
13. Culture- Two Sevens Clash
14. Eddy Grant- Time Warp
15. Patty Pravo- La Bambola
16. Mighty Sparrow- Norman
17. Tommy Dorsey with Louis Bellson- Drumology
18. Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn- Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out
19. Cecil Bee and the Buzzy Bunch- Superman
20. Coleman Hawkins- Body and Soul

Here is the .zip

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This one's not really a stretch for me as I prolly fit into all 3 categories. People have been buggin me to do an all garage/psych comp for the blog, but when I sat down to do it, I kept thinking how male and wankery these songs sound stacked up against each other so I spliced it up a bit. I tried to add some of my fav wanker/stoner/freak tracks from at least 3 generations: yr parents, yr older drop-out cousins, and you of course, but don't get too picky about the what and the why here, cuz I just wanted to have some fun. So let's get stoned and put on some vintage porn::>

01. Bubble Puppy- Hot Smoke and Sassafras
02. Thee Midnighters- Whittier Blvd.
03. The Pleasure Seekers- What a Way to Die
04. Hot Jam- Tobacco Road
05. The Marshmallow Overcoat- Groovy Little Trip
06. The Electric Prunes- I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
07. Eric Burdon and War- Home Cookin'
08. Frijid Pink- House of the Rising Sun
09. Link Wray and the Wraymen- Rumble
10. Dead Moon- Don't Burn the Fires
11. The Seeds- Pushin Too Hard
12. The Amboy Dukes- Journey to the Center of the Mind
13. Vanilla Fudge- Shotgun
14. Rhinoceros- Apricot Brandy
15. Brownsville Station- Martian Boogie
16. Thin Lizzy- The Rocker
17. Man or Astroman?- King of the Monsters
18. Bobby Vidone and the Rhythm Rockers- Weird
19. The Swan Silvertones- Singin' in My Soul
20. Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing

Here is the .zip