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Thursday, April 30, 2009


This song is legendary, and is another that has been done by about everybody. My favorite will always be the Cab Calloway version featured in the Betty Boop cartoon with Koko the Clown (youtube). King Oliver is considered one of the earliest inventors/innovators in Jazz best known for bringing a young Louis Armstrong into the fold and composing one of his best songs ever :::> "West End Blues". This picture does not really give the mood of the song which is generally a dirge, but I couldn't resist it. The arrangement of this song is definitely a nod to what Duke Ellington was doing at the time (finely sculpted solos and dark horn section counterpoints alĂ  "East St. Louis Toodle-oo). Pleae check the cartoon link above, the sound is bad but the animation mixed with Calloway's performance is amazing.

King Oliver with "St. James Infirmary"

Lee and Nancy-style Japanese Pop Duet from the 60's (please help)

I have been wanting to add this one for a while but without any info (or decent pic) I can't say too much. So I will just try to sell you on the idea of listening to it, and maybe anyone who stumbles across this and knows something can drop a line. The track is a male/female duet, flirtatious but somehow melancholic, with an electric shamisen (sounding) lead and an pop string ensemble response that adds enough cheese to counter the longing of the voices. Let's just go out on a limb and say if you love Lee and Nancy there is a chance you will fall in love with this track.

Label info and track::>
Polydor Japan DR 1868 (2082 409)

Kurtis Blow-I'M CHILLIN

This by far my fav Kurtis track, it has it all: Transformers robot voice, timbale breaks to make you shake (not to mention the bells), the impeccable flow that breaks down his mentality on how life really is in the ghetto, and of course the horn and bass stabs that somehow pull it all together. Here is a wiki link (where I learned that Bob Dylan did backing vocals on "Street Rock" and that also he opened for Bob Marley at MSG for 20,000 people:::>WTF!!!) where you can learn more, but I really just suggest you press play and git down to that old school sound. And:::> Here is a video where you can see the pimp in full early 80's regalia, must have been a steamin' party.

Kurtis Blow "I'm Chillin"


Here is another version of Stan Jones' smash hit: Riders in the Sky. This one is definitely modeled after the Ramrods with all of the demonic cattle calls and gun shot sounds but also has the lyrics in Spanish and a pedal steel giving it a balladic longing feel. The label Anahuac (named I guess for the Aztec cradle of civilization) was a subsid. of Nortex Records, a Mexi C&W/ranchera label based in Hollywood. I can't find any info about the label or the guys beyond that they often did covers of American 60's pop songs, so just enjoy.

Cuco y Aurelio con sus Traviesos- "Jinetes en el Cielo"


I am bit surprised that I cannot find pics of this band or much info about this release, as it seems to be one of the seminal versions of this song (which has been done by about everyone). Maybe its because there are as many different bands with this name or a slight variation as there are cover versions imitating the twangy "Eddy-esque" guitar sound and the demonic cattle calls that drive this side. Here is some correct(ed) info about the band which recorded for Amy Records back in the early 60's. I have made it a point to collect as many versions of this song as possible, but I still think this one sets the best mood, esp. for an instrumental. Maybe I will try to throw a couple others up here today. Until then, enjoy this animated rendering of the story complete with ghost cowboys and purple ghost horses scrolling across the cloudscape.

The Ramrods "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky"