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All mixes are cut into individual tracks that have id3 tags. You just download the .zip file and drag the tracks into iTunes and they will play as a mix or separately.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just came back from Istanbul with a slew of amazing Turkish prog/psych records to find a small package of amazing skweee records from dødpop in Norway. I knew it would be dicey and a bit presumptuous to make a mix using only those, so I added a few other classics to help pave the way for this mixx. Perhaps not as easy listening as some other mixes up on hear, but a lot of goodies and some raritease to while the sun machine to sleep.

Track Listing::>

01. Erkin Koray- Krallar
02. Melkeveien vs Nino- Mandag
03. Selda- Rabbim
04. Shannon- Let the Music Play (dub)
05. Fantastic Johnny C- Boogaloo Down Broadway
06. Baris Manco- Olum Allahin Emri
07. Sprutbass- Ulykke
08. Beat Happening- Red Head Walking
09. Righeira- Vamos a la Playa
10. Unknown Coxsone Record- Little Girl?
11. Black Sabbath- Iron Man
12. Selcuk Alagoz-Malabadi Koprusu
13. Charles Mingus- The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
14. Eric B. & Rakim- Paid in Full
15. Nikki Sudden- Channel Steamer
16. Beatbully- Jobbe Pa Fabrikk
17. Minnie Riperton- Lovin' You
18. Serap Aksoy- Bendeki Sabir Daglari Deler
19. Swell Maps- Loin of the Surf
20. 3 Hur El- Sevenler Aglarmis

Here is the .zip

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


"Fuck it, I deserve it," I said as I realized I had spent some 130 Euro on records over the last week (but even those weren't enough for a B-day mix so I added both some dance with yrself classix and some tracks I have been meaning to post for a while). Sorry for the lengthy gap between posts, the I-man has been overdoing it a bit for the last lasts. Enjoy!

Track Listing::>

01. The Temptations- Papa was a Rolling Stone
02. The Cramps- Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?
03. Red Crayola- We are Born in Flames
04. Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg- La Dècadanse
05. Washboard Sam- Don't You Leave Me Here
06. Sonic Youth- Death Valley 69
07. Fadhili William and the Black Shadows- Hakuna Mwingine
08. The Flying Lizards- Tube
09. Lou Reed/ John Cale- Nobody but You
10. Bix Beiderbecke- Riverboat Shuffle
11. Nancy Sinatra- Lightning's Girl
12. Betty Davis- He was a Big Freak (Record Plant Rough Mix)
13. Little Richard/ Jimi Hendrix- Money Honey
14. Hamilton Bohannon- South African Man
15. Yoko Ono- Kiss Kiss Kiss
16. Annette- Lonely Guitar
17. Pixies- Dig for Fire
18. Dee-Lite- Groove is in the Heart (Peanutbutter Mix)
19. Wreckx N Effect- Rumpshaker
20. Harold Betters- Do What you Wanna Pt. 1

Here is the .zip

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mugglestone Hi-Fi SOMMERMIX 2010

This one just writes itself::> a lot of ethnic goodies here, including some cumbia records that my friends brought me back from recent S.A. travels and a killer Congolese record courtesy of Brian at Awesome Tapes from Africa. Round it off with some good feelin soul and twang-strumentals and we gots something, it ain't profound but it moves.

Track Listing::>

01. Pigmeat Markham- Here Comes the Judge
02. Johnny Colon- Mombo Suzie
03. Tommy James and the Shondells- Thunderbolt
04. The Mighty Imperials- Thunder Chicken
05. Mickey Baker- Baia
06. Link Davis- Allons a Lafayette
07. The Beach Boys- Girl Don't Tell Me
08. Gary U.S. Bonds- New Orleans
09. Paul Humphreys and his Cool Aid Chemists- Cool Aid
10. Warren Covington- El Watusi
11. Ronny Kae- Drums Fell Off a Cliff
12. Screamin Jay Hawkins- Little Demon
13. Chuck Carbo- Can I Be Your Squeeze
14. Osibisa- Music for Gong Gong
15. Orch. Stukas- Wangata pt 1
16. Ines Barroso- Capueira
17. Scandinavian Letkis Dance Band- Jumpin Jenka
18. Cecilio Ruiz y su Sonor Colombiano- La Banda Borrachada
19. El Chicano- Viva Tirado pt 1
20. Jerry Byrd- Hawaiian Sunset

Here is the .zip

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Recent travel to the UK brought some memorable round pieces of plastic into my life. SPOILER ALERT::> Not everything is British. The name and the little picture were just too tempting. There are some proper classics from quite a few hipster genres on here, but also some "challenging" stuff that might be a bit too much for yr super cool art-collector mom. But yr older cousin that never quite made it out of the minimum wage turned shift manager job at the grocery store will be like "those songs were already retro like 15 years ago" and then go off about these fucking kids who still think J.G. Ballard is like the greatest new thing. He will then start bitching about how William Gibson's new books are even better than the old ones but that no one cares anymore. And then he will wipe his sweaty hands on the back of his jeans (faded and frayed, but no proper holes), chew on the corner of his moustache and continue to fret about his young girlfriend/co-worker that may or may not be pregnant.

Track Listing::>

01. Bauhaus- Third Uncle
02. Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark- Maid of New Orleans (The Waltz of Joan of Arc)
03. Spiritualized- Good Times
04. Jesus and Mary Chain- Just like Honey
05. Hank Mizell- Jungle Rock
06. J. O. Araba and his Afro Skiffle Group-Lumumba Tiku
07. Snakefinger- The Man in the Dark Sedan
08. Ed Banger- Kinnel Tommy
09. The Modern Lovers- Roadrunner
10. The Fiery Furnaces- Crystal Clear
11. Jad Fair/ Daniel Johnston- The Making of an Album
12. Bow Wow Wow- C'30 C'60 C'90 Go
13. M.I.A.- Galang 05
14. Mr. Lex- No (Raw)
15. Rip Rig & Panic- Go Go Go (This is It)
16. Grauzone- Eisbaer
17. Magazine- Shot by Both Sides
18. Fad Gadget- 4m
19. Cocteau Twins- Iceblink Luck
20. Prince- 7

Here is the .zip

Thursday, May 6, 2010


You guessed it! Filler songs are generally my favorite because they are dependable, make everyone happy, and take the pressure off. Too much killer can kill. Cuz as we all know, there is such a too much of a good thing. And yes, often hits make perfect filler.

Track Listing::>

01. Al Green- Tired of Bering Alone
02. Art & Dotty Todd- Chanson D'Amour
03. Dusty Springfield- Son of a Preacher Man
04. Charles Brown- Butterfly
05. Paul Anka- Crazy Love
06. John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band- Woman is the Nigger of the World
07. Clarence Henry- Ain't Got No Home
08. Larry Williams- Short Fat Fanny
09. Memphis Slim- Hey Lonely Girl
10. El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico- Mundy Baja
11. Johnny Cash & June Carter- Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
12. Al Jolson- Carolina in the Morning
13. Dinosaur- Kiss Me Again
14. Flor Silvestre- Una Limosina
15. Billy Paul- Me & Mrs. Jones
16. Lyn Collins- Mr. Big Stuff
17. The Ink Spots- We Three
18. Perry Como- Keep It Gay
19. Etta James- All I Could Do Was Cry
20. The Flamingos- I Only Have Eyes for You

Here is the .zip

Saturday, May 1, 2010


What can I say without sounding too weird. I started out wanting to make a kind of NDW mix with a smattering of 60's/70's classic rock/disco jams and some tasteful ballads, but then I kept adding these world music tracks that I love and can never DJ or fit into some of the more straight ahead mixes (esp these amazing Burmese and Bengali songs) and then of course some other little muffins. The track listing looks like another one of these "who the fuck is this guy, maybe he's trying a little bit too hard," but after listening to it yull find the songs create the perfect background for you to discuss politicized photography movements of the mid-70's or some article you read in the most recent issue of Cabinet.

Track Listing:::>

01. Mills Bros.- Sweet Adeline
03. Ike and Tina Turner- Come Together
04. Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers- Egyptian Reggae
05. Trio Los Panchos- Cancion Del Alma
06. Deep Purple- Space Truckin'
07. Hamilton Bohannon- Disco Stomp
08. Burmese Song and Dance Ensemble- Introduction
09. The Ramblers- Devil Train
10. Donovan- Hurdy Gurdy Man
11. Gilbert Becaud- Nathalie
12. Leonard Cohen- It Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
13. Tiriki Musicians- Unknown
14. Lecuona Cuban Boys- Tabou
15. The Monkees- Last Train to Clarksville
16. Wall of Voodoo- Mexican Radio
17. Bengali Folk Song- Unknown
18. Trevor Baby/ G James- Cooki Monster
19. De La Soul (feat. Jungle Bros., Q-Tip, Queen Latifah)- Buddy
20. Trio- Sabine Sabine Sabine

Here is the .zip

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This mix came about as a desire to hear a few songs that didn't make it on the Family Vacation Mix and then needing to fill them in with other pieces of gold both that I listen to all the time and/or things I just bought into. Wheel let you decide which is which. After looking at the track listing I can honestly say there is something incestuous about this mix, it keeps harkening back to the bad old isolated teenage days mixed with some syrupy nostalgia and then just plain creepiness. But it plays nicely on a rainy it would be a picnic but instead its mid-afternoon brunch.

Track Listing::>

01. Ronnie Hawkins- Mary Lou
02. The Bell Jubillee Singers- Shadrach Meshach & Abednego
03. The Moonrakers- Love Train
04. Bob Dylan- Subterranean Home Sick Blues
05. James Brown- Every Piece of My Heart
06. The League of Gentlemen- Dislocated
07. Dick Hyman- Topless Dancers of Corfu
08. Lee Dorsey- Mexico
09. The Hombres- Let it Out
10. Caterina Caselli- Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare
11. Siouxie and the Banshees- Supernatural Thing
12. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee- Walk On
13. Eugene Chadbourne- Jesus Protects Mexico
14. The Murmaids- Popsicles Icicles
15. The Birthday Party- Mr. Clarinet
16. Otis Redding- Fat Gal
17. The Coasters- Charlie Brown
18. Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant- West of Samoa
19. Josh White- Careless Love
20. Syd Barrett- Terrapin

Here is the .zip

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Are you ever on the road with yr band and things are getting a little bitchy and you need some good tunes that will make the miles go by, not anything to heavy or too sing-songy or taste-specific? Well let's hope this does the trick. A non-Cormac McCarthy road trip mix.

Track Listing::>

01. Tex Ritter- High Noon
02. Tom and Jerry's Rockets- On the Road Again
03. The Kinks- Lola
04. Tony Joe White- Polk Salad Annie
05. The Banjo Maniacs- Pick It You Peasant
06. Slim Willet and the Brush Cutters- Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
07. The Cure- Close to Me
08. The Church Street 5- A Night with Daddy G Part 1
09. Sidney Bechet- St. Louis Blues
10. Augustus Pablo- Edi Amin
11. Bull and the Matadors- Funky Judge (Instrumental)
12. Tom Waits- Frank's Wild Years
13. Clyde McCoy- Sugar Blues
14. Kenny Everett/Mike Vickers- Captain Kremmen
15. The Traveling Wilburys- Margarita
16. Caetano Veloso- Alegria Alegria
17. Bessie Smith- Black Mountain Blues
18. Perez Prado- My Roberta
19. Porter Wagoner- Heartbreak Affair
20. Pete Moesser's Music- Hawaiian Affair

Here is the .zip

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The idea here is quite simple: something for everyone. And while that most likely is not the case, who can resist some good disco, big band, cumbia, hank williams, david bowie, post punk, reggae, calypso, kitsch, italian pop, etc.? I'll admit it: I was in a good mood...oh, and this vik venus intro is such a classic, download it just for this proto mash-up masterpiece.

Track Listing::>

01. Vik Venus- Moonflight
02. Anita Ward- Ring My Bell
03. Enoch Light and the Light Brigade- Carribe
04. David Bowie- Andy Warhol
05. Cabaret Voltaire- Silent Command
06. Hank Williams Sr.- Kawliga
07. Fantasy- Stoned Cowboy
08. Les Paul and Mary Ford- I'm a Fool to Care
09. Cy Coleman- Sweet Pussycat
10. Frank Zander- Da Da Da
11. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico- Mundy Baja
12. The Jordanaires- Each Day
13. Culture- Two Sevens Clash
14. Eddy Grant- Time Warp
15. Patty Pravo- La Bambola
16. Mighty Sparrow- Norman
17. Tommy Dorsey with Louis Bellson- Drumology
18. Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn- Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out
19. Cecil Bee and the Buzzy Bunch- Superman
20. Coleman Hawkins- Body and Soul

Here is the .zip

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This one's not really a stretch for me as I prolly fit into all 3 categories. People have been buggin me to do an all garage/psych comp for the blog, but when I sat down to do it, I kept thinking how male and wankery these songs sound stacked up against each other so I spliced it up a bit. I tried to add some of my fav wanker/stoner/freak tracks from at least 3 generations: yr parents, yr older drop-out cousins, and you of course, but don't get too picky about the what and the why here, cuz I just wanted to have some fun. So let's get stoned and put on some vintage porn::>

01. Bubble Puppy- Hot Smoke and Sassafras
02. Thee Midnighters- Whittier Blvd.
03. The Pleasure Seekers- What a Way to Die
04. Hot Jam- Tobacco Road
05. The Marshmallow Overcoat- Groovy Little Trip
06. The Electric Prunes- I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
07. Eric Burdon and War- Home Cookin'
08. Frijid Pink- House of the Rising Sun
09. Link Wray and the Wraymen- Rumble
10. Dead Moon- Don't Burn the Fires
11. The Seeds- Pushin Too Hard
12. The Amboy Dukes- Journey to the Center of the Mind
13. Vanilla Fudge- Shotgun
14. Rhinoceros- Apricot Brandy
15. Brownsville Station- Martian Boogie
16. Thin Lizzy- The Rocker
17. Man or Astroman?- King of the Monsters
18. Bobby Vidone and the Rhythm Rockers- Weird
19. The Swan Silvertones- Singin' in My Soul
20. Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing

Here is the .zip

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mugglestone Hi-Fi Fuck It Mix

I think this mix is pretty self-explanatory. A lot of oldies but goodies: you got country, instrumentals, "ethnic" classix, soulful ballads, etc. Let's call it a "late-afternoon" mix.

Track Listing::>
01. Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant- Sandy Canyon Swing
02. Roger Miller- Chug A-Lug
03. Rockin' Sydney- My Toot Toot
04. John Prine- There She Goes
05. Aaron Neville- Tell it Like it Is
06. Unknown- 60's Japanese Pop Duet
07. Caterina Valente- Precipite Volissime Volmente
08. Calypso Carnival- Zombie Jamboree
09. Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms Band- Skokiaan
10. Dick Cureless- Snap Your Fingers
11. King Oliver- St. James Infirmary
12. Elmore James- It Hurts Me Too
13. Vicente Fernàndez- Volver Volver
14. Jennell Hawkins- Moments
15. Kenny Ball- Midnight in Moscow
16. Ernest Tubb- Saturday Satan Sunday Saint
17. Fats Domino- Walkin' to New Orleans
18. Clifton Chenier- Frog Legs
19. Jorgen Ingman- Milord
20. Willie Nelson- She's Still Gone

Here is the .zip

Mugglestone Hi-Fi Pande-Mix

Sorry, I tried to make this cover as ugly as possible. It somehow fits into the trashy DJ mix aesthetic. This mix is for a more arty crowd, maybe they want to dance or maybe they want to stand there and be cool. It stretches out a bit more and even dabbles into sub-genres of krautrock and 90's indie while keeping the ever-chic psych/garage and 70's country nouveau in the fore. I imagine it playing in a kitschy bar or a retro modern cafe, but that doesn't mean you can't dance around yr dorm room or clean the dishes will listening to it as well.

Track Listing::>

01. The Balloon Farm- A Question of Temperature
02. Dallas Frazier- Just a Little Bit of You
03. Faust- Extract 4
04. P-Model- Kameari Pop
05. Stereolab- Iron Man
06. Hasil Adkins- Sally Waddy Wally Woody
07. Esquivel- Whachamacallit
08. Madame X- Just That Type of Girl
09. The Turtles- Buzz Saw
10. Leon Redbone- Te Na Na
11. Peggy Lee- Me and My Shadow
12. Plastic Bertrand- Ça Plane Pour Moi
13. Blonde Redhead- Symphony of Treble
14. Sleepy LaBeef- Asphalt Cowboy
15. Palace Bros.- Ohio River Boat Song
16. Can- Spoon
17. Broadcast- Phantom
18. The Kingsmen- The Jolly Green Giant
19. Red Crayola- Hurricane Fighter Plane
20. Joao Gilberto- Samba de Una Nota

Here is the .zip

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MEGA MIX

I have been busy for a while so I figured to make up for lost time I would put up some mp3 mixes.

This one was first called the "Super Berlin Mega-Mix" cause its totally heiß. There are a lot of hits on this one, not so many raritease, cause not everyone has a taste for the obscure. I give these mixes to prospective "clients" that somehow might not think the blog gives an accurate representation of my taste level and mixing skills (which it really doesn't). Some of these tracks are featured on the blog, the rest will be up here in the original (non-blended) format when I get a chance.

Track Listing::>

01. David Bowie- Sound and Vision
02. The Chiefs- Apache
03. Sweeney Todd- Roxy Roller
04. Althea and Donna- Uptown Top Ranking
05. Professor Morrison's Lollipop- You Got the Love
06. Shirley Ellis- The Clapping Song
07. Sparks- Wonder Girl
08. Ko Ko Taylor- Wang Dang Doodle
09. The Clash- London Calling
10. The Flying Lizards- TV
11. Love- Time is a River
12. Mandrill- Warning Blues
13. Dave and Ansil Collins- Double Barrel
14. The Honeymoon Killers- Histoire a Suivre
15. Gap- Sheriff
16. Nillson- Jump into the Fire
17. Soul Survivors- Hey Gyp
18. The Champs- Midnighter
19. Bow Wow Wow- Louis Quatorze
20. Laid Back- White Horse

Here is the .zip