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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here is another version of Stan Jones' smash hit: Riders in the Sky. This one is definitely modeled after the Ramrods with all of the demonic cattle calls and gun shot sounds but also has the lyrics in Spanish and a pedal steel giving it a balladic longing feel. The label Anahuac (named I guess for the Aztec cradle of civilization) was a subsid. of Nortex Records, a Mexi C&W/ranchera label based in Hollywood. I can't find any info about the label or the guys beyond that they often did covers of American 60's pop songs, so just enjoy.

Cuco y Aurelio con sus Traviesos- "Jinetes en el Cielo"

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Anonymous said...

I am an original Member of Los Traviesos, havn't heard from the guys in a long time, 832.506.2551 email