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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Betty Harris- CRY TO ME

Lets just say that the mood of this picture is the exact opposite of that in the song, but Betty looks good, so I figured it would add a little spice to the page. "Cry To Me" from 1962, on Jubilee Records, to me is one of those at home with the bottle type of songs. I don't get to DJ this one too much cause its just too painful, but if its just right (say Valentine's Day at 3 AM, when there is just the heavy drinkers left at the bar and the lonely women sitting in the corner with the glow of their cigarette the only evidence of their existence) then I will let it loose. Woman's got soul, there is no doubt. And while she is more know for her catchy Toussaint productions on Sansu records, this one always hits the spot for me. She builds into it the right way, its like Charlie Parker said about soloing (and I paraphrase): you don't just go into a room and start shouting, you smile and shake hands first. You can check out the B-side "I'll Be A Liar" on So Many Records So Little Time as well, to get an idea of just what kinda voice we are dealin with here.

Betty Harris with "Cry To Me"

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Raggedy said...

Hello to Berlin! I love this Betty Harris song. Thanks for posting ... She absolutely captures the atmosphere surrounding loneliness. Great singing ...