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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MAKKI LA LA MIX

Who said mama's little baby likes shortnin' bread?
My little monkey loves watermelon
My little monkey loves teen wolf
My little monkey likes all the finer things
My little monkey could teach you one times two
If she can make to teach on me
She can sure reach down to you
My little monkey is a vu vu vu
vu vu vu vu la la vu vu vu

Track Listing::>

01. The Dixie Cups- Iko Iko
02. Wanda Jackson- Let's Have a Party
03. The J.B.'s- Hot Pants Road
04. Sam Taylor- Let's Go Dancin'
05. The Sheik's Men- The Belly Dancer
06. Lil Green- Romance in the Dark
07. Lee Hazlewood- Greyhound Bus Depot
08. Ines Barroso- Villa Legos
09. Alice Coltrane- Journey to Satchidananda Pt. 1
10. Spiritualized- Good Times
11. Carla Bley- Little Pony Soldier
12. Mick Jagger- Memo From Turner
13. Otis Redding- I've Been Loving You Too Long
14. Big Maceo- Worried Life Blues
15. Dave "Baby" Cortez- Organ Shout
16. Muddy Waters- Mean Mistreater
17. Brian Wilson- Caroline, No
18. The Roberta Martin Singers- Teach Me Lord
19. Norman Granz Supervising Charlie Parker etc.- Lady Be Good Pt. 1
20. Paul Craft- It's Me Again, Margaret

Here is the .zip

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