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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MONKEY MIX

I was drinkin beer mid-afternoon with my man Alan and watching old Butthole Surfers videos when we got to talkin about famous rock n roll bass players that did weirdo electro dub side projects in the late 70's. When back at my favorite watering hole (WAX TRAX Records in Denver) I was able to pick up a few that show up on this mix. As for the rest of it, needless to say I was feeling a bit manic.

Track Listing::>

01. Dion- Runaround Sue
02. The Yardbirds- The Shapes of Things
03. Bill Wyman- Si Si, Je Suis Un Rock Star
04. Paul McCartney- Check My Machine
05. Grace Jones- Warm Leatherette
06. Five Du Tones- Divorce Court
07. Johnny Dee- Sittin' in The Balcony
08. Preston Epps- Bongola
09. Adam Ant- Ant's Rap
10. Raymilland- Side Talk
11. America- A Horse with No Name
12. Love- No. Fourteen
13. Jimmy Castor- Ham Hocks EspaƱol
14. Shirley and Company- Shame, Shame, Shame
15. Kraftwerk- The Robots
16. John Cale- Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
17. The Viscounts- Chug-a-lug
18. Donald Byrd- Black Byrd
19. Hal Pearl's Singing Canaries- La Paloma
20- Wally Fowler and His Oak Ridge Quartet- Church in the Valley

Here is the .zip

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