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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi WHAT'S UP, DOC?

I was back home recently and raided my Novelty/Children's box. The resulting mix is def not for everyone's ears or tastebuds, but for you crazy fucked-up individuals::> here is a schizo mix of 50's thru 70's novelty classicks, children's anthems, dated mash-ups, moral sexist slapstick beatnik fitness studio madness. No wonder our parents are so fucked up!!! I have cut all of these into individual tracks for easy perusal and appropriation, though most are only short lil snippets. "Take the straight and narrow path, and if you start to slide, give a little whistle..."

Track Listing::>

01. Buchanan & Goodman- The Flying Saucer Pt. 1
02. Firesign Theater- National Toilet
03. Jiminy Cricket- Intro
04. The Wizard of Oz- Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
05. Parakeet Training Record- Happy Day
06. Bob McFadden and Dor- The Mummy
07. Mel Blanc- Snowbound Tweety
08. Bobby Hendricks- Psycho
09. Dance Instruction
10. Flipper Theme
11. Tom Edwards- What is a Teenage Girl
12. Descending LFO
13. Eddie Vespa- A Letter to My Ex-Wife
14. Firesign Theater- Shoplifters Market
15. The Sword in the Stone- Higitus Figitus
16. Hudson and Landry- The Hippie and The Redneck
17. The Sicknicks- Presidential Conference
18. Jeanna Dixon- The Gift of Prophesy Pt. 2
19. Wendy Bagwell- Here Come the Rattlesnakes
20. The Hollywood Argyles- Bug Eye
21. United Electronics Institute
22. Jazzercize- Fit Is It
23. The Harlem Globetrotters- Sweet Georgia Brown
24. The Strangers- Crab Louie
25. Rollo and Boliver- Mildred, Our Choir Director
26. Play and Talk
27. Mickey Mouse and Friends- School Days
28. Firesign Theater- Art Snob
29. Slim Gaillard- Cement Mixer Putti Putti
30. Mel Blanc- Woody Woodpecker
31. Mel Blanc- Bugs Bunny in Storyland
32. Dickie Goodman- Mr. Jaws
33. Jose Jimenez- The Astronaut
34. Dr Boscoe- Dr. Boscoe Plays Name That Tune
35. Warren Schatz and the Universal City Orchestra- Stuck On TV
36. Robert Preston- Chicken Fat
37. Cinderella- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
38. Sallie Blair- Daddy
39. Judy Garland- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
40. Jiminy Cricket- Give a Little Whistle
41. Jorgi Jorgenson- All Pooped Out
42. The Corona Kids- Nid Nid Noddin'

here is the .zip

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Anonymous said...

very nice speedy! so nice to have you with us!