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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mugglestone Hi-Fi- FREE TIME

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, but I don't dare challenge what the record gods allow to cross my path.  So if you have bigger ears than balls, this one might get it right.  I think of this mix as the quietly wild and often forgotten middle daughter of a family with 3 precocious but well-intentioned girls.  (But that still might not justify 2 Kraftwerk songs on 1 mix--when you get there, you'll understand)

Track Listing::>

01. Afrika Bambaata/ James Brown- Unity Pt. 2
02. Kraftwerk- Trans Europa Express
03. Perez Prado- St. Louis Blues Mambo
04. Metric Jazz National- Odero Koduko
05. Cabaret Voltaire- Jazz The Glass
06. Gudrun Gut- Move Me
07. Jean Claude Vannier- Evelyne
08. Hugues Aufray- La Fille du Nord
09. Bob Dylan- Bye and Bye
10. Jad Fair- Cape Fear
11. Art Bears- Rats and Monkeys
12. Bobby Conn- Me Most of All
13. Combustible Edison- Short Double Latte
14. Tangerine Dream- Das Mädchen auf der Treppe
15. Tarwater- Heide Noel
16. Lata Mangeshkar- Bandhua Keno Gelo Parabase
17. Frank Zappa- Catholic Girls
18. Thai Instrumental Dance- Unknown
19. The Beatles- Flying
20. Kraftwerk- Mitternacht

Here is the .zip

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