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Thursday, August 27, 2009

King Sunny Ade and His African Beats- ASE

"The Minister of Enjoyment", as he is known in Nigeria, King Sunny Adè is no doubt the international king of Jùjú. This song (from 1984's Aura on Island Records) has it all: 80's synths, buoyant electronic and talking drumline, relentless vocal refrains, pedal steel and tenor guitar, electric harmonica; what more could you want? Okay, I can imagine a crazy break in the middle and a janky video where dudes in nylon ball caps with the bill flipped up are gettin down on the streets of Lagos, but that's not the way this one roles out (it is Island Records in the 80's after all). But all lovers of electro and breakdance music can get into this one. Warning though: this will not hit on the dance floor, it is too intimidatingly chill. Obviously I learned the hard way, but it probably won't stop me from trying again. The equation involves more hippies with children or drunk 30-somethings NOT trying to hook up. This guy has more records out than Bob Dylan, and tours pretty regularly. Please do yourself a favor and see him live!

King Sunny Adè and His African Beats- "Ase"

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