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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stan Kenton- 23N 82W

"23N 82W", the longitude and latitude coordinates for Havana, Cuba, (thanks Google) only give a glimpse into the inspiration for this romping trombone-a-thon, arranged by Bill Russo. Stan Kenton was always on the cutting edge of big band arrangements, but this song shreds away the cliche and moves into something Mingus would probably dig. It even delves into 7/4 after the Lee Konitz solo. I wouldn't have quit my high school jazz band if I knew big band tracks like this existed (sorry Mr. Brice). Originally cut in 1952, this sounds more like the soundtrack to the bay of pigs than the watered down tribute to Cuban rhythms that most big band leaders were doing at the time.

Stan Kenton with "23N 83W"

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