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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mugglestone Hi-Fi HUSH LITTLE BABY

Daddy's gonna buy you, bye and bye.
Come one May, a little voice was heard to say::>
I haven't had this much fun making a mix in a long time!  The bar has just opened, people are slowly shuffling in, one taste then two, and time begins to bend.  Not like a limbo or a deja vĂ¹, more a spring cleaning than a fresh point of view.  It will hit you up before it brings you down, gentle now, shh...

Track Listing::>

01. The Upsetters- Bucky Skank
02. The Shadows of Night- Shake
03. The Wailers- Roadrunner
04. Bo Diddley- Bo Diddley
05. Billy Barrix- Cool Off Baby
06. Dale Hawkins- Cross Ties
07. Charlie Feathers- Bottle to the Baby
08. Frankie Ford- Sea Cruise
09. King Tubby- King Tubby Ina Jamdung
10. Ray Stevens- Butch the Barbarian
11. The Pack- Next to Your Fire
12. Tender Slim- Teenage Hayride
13. Huey "Piano" Smith- Don't You Just Know It
14. Conway Twitty- Lonely Blue Boy
15. Chuck Berry- Broken Arrow
16. Mickey Lee Lane- Shaggy Dog
17. Augustus Pablo- Java Dub
18. The Alcons- Mambo Jambo
19. The Yardbirds- Ten Little Indians
20. The Muggletones- There She Goes (version)

here is the .zip

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