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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mugglestone Hi-Fi MY GUITAR

More songs about drinkin, killin, and of course man's best friend, his guitar.  On top of some of my most beloved classicks, I put "Springfield Guitar Social" and Phil Baugh's "Country Guitar 1 and 2", which are kind of a tribute to/medley of legendary guitar sounds and players from bygone eras.  For an in depth history of this "Country Guitar Blowout" sub-genre visit WFMU's amazing blog.  If yr wondering where all the women are at, they knew better than to stick around this deedley-deedley-doo pour me (another) party.

Track Listing::>

01. Phil Baugh- Country Guitar
02. Tennessee Ernie Ford- Mule Train
03. Tex Ritter- Rye Whiskey
04. Porter Wagoner- The Cold Hard Facts of Life
05. Ted Daffan- Born to Lose
06. Dick Curless- A Tombstone Every Mile
07. The Osborne Bros.- Hey Hey Bartender
08. Onie Wheeler- When We All Get There
09. Merle Travis- Gambler's Guitar
10. Tex Williams- Roses and Revolvers
11. T. Texas Tyler- Remember Me
12. Jenks "Tex" Carman- Indian Polka
13. Bill Wemberly/Thumbs Carllile- Springfield Guitar Social
14. Carl Smith- Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
15. The Drifting Cowboys- Mud Hut
16. Faron Young- Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
17. Robert Mitchum- The Ballad of Thunder Road
18. Lest Flatt & Earl Scruggs- Doin' My Time
19. Ernest Tubb- Pass the Booze
20. Phil Baugh- Country Guitar II

here is the .zip

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