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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Faust- EXTRACT 4

This is a single released by ReR records, something I am extremely lucky to have. Both sides are great, but this "Extract 4" has more prog to it so I can get away with playing it live. This is krautrock at its finest, maybe not the song, but the band. I highly recommend any of their old records if you are just getting into the genre. Faust was kind of a super band, hand chosen so to speak, but now they have divided into 2 different bands that fight over rights and tours etc. Its sad when demi-stardom destroys a band, especially one as obscure yet important as they are. Its funny, cause I play this at indie rock nights as well as kind of arty bullshit parties, no one seems to notice or care. But I do remember one old man coming up and giving me a thumbs up (though he did that every time I played anything old and proggy, like Focus or Can).

Faust with "Extract 4"

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