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Friday, April 18, 2008


The original video is amazing, but as youtube continually redefines context and culture, here is an even better version (white boy dancing in Canadian mall). Shirley Shirley Shirley, what can I say. Every time this song hits the magnets people go crazy (especially the girls). Its one of those appex songs of the night, that I try to time exactly right, to get the most appeal. If it hits (and it always does), then I can get away with murder the rest of the night. This little gal is responsible for some of the top ear worm hits of the 60's, the name game, nitty gritty, etc. and they all make you wanna throw yr arms up in the air. I was also told this song is featured on a doc about scratching, I would love to hear what they do with it.

Shirley Ellis doing "The Clapping Song"

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