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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moonrakers-LOVE TRAIN

Ah, perhaps the only good band to ever come out of Denver, Colorado. I bought this record at a fair by chance, and was amazed at how good it really is. Pure pyschedelia: rippin guitar, pounding drums, and reverb/delay harmonica, what more do you need? Not to be confused with the famous O'Jays' track, this song is on a different trip, though I would love to hear what kind of Philly soul rendition they would have done. I don't know much about the band except that they are the pride of Wax Trax, the record store in Denver that I spend most of my time at when there. With so many singles (walls and a basement), how could you resist? Read a little bit more about this obscure Denver 'artyfact' here.

Moonrakers and "Love Train"

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leesuf said...

Only good band out of Denver? Ever hear of a little group called the Assdroids? Or how about Lothar and the Hand People? Check this out

If I were you I'd listen to Sex and Violence and then follow it up with Machines. After that go read this article