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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Snakefinger- THE SPOT

Snakefinger, Residents guitarist extraordinaire, has such a unique approach and tone. Many people find his disjointed rhythmic sense and phrasing to be "too quirky" or "pretentious" but I love it. His attempt at virtuosity and camp is well appreciated, though often not on the dance floor. I will play this one just to make sure people are paying attention, and there is always some guy that comes up to say that its too loud (he always wants "more old school, dude"), and another guy (the weirdo with glasses that has been at the corner table all night) that says finally a song he can dance to. You know who will win of course (the ladies, but not the 80's ladies-that gets tiresome fast).

Snakefinger with "The Spot"

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